“Good Wife Material”

Fast-rising singer, Stunna.

Stunna says of rumored ‘love affair’ with Master Queen

After months of silence, Stunna has finally broken his silence on the relationship that exists between him and award-winning radio personality, Master Queen.

Over the last month and a half, Stunna and Master Queen have been rumored to be involved in a serious romantic relationship, which started at the end of last year. Rumors of the love affair between the pair swirled in mid-March 2019, after Stunna released a single featuring Master Queen and dedicated to the radio diva.

Since the release of the song, “For Life”, according to eyewitnesses, the two have been spotted together in secret places having fun.

In an interview with the Daily Observer, Stunna disclosed that the relationship between him and radio diva is more than an ordinary relationship.

“Our relationship is beyond ordinary friendship, but I cannot tell you whether we are lovers or not. The truth here is that she is caring, hardworking and possesses lots of qualities of a good wife material. I’m glad that we are moving strong and making progress with our friendship,” the singer said.

STUNNA says Radio Diva Master Queen is “wife material.”

Stunna, however, refused to directly confirm whether the relationship between him and Master Queen is romantic, despite being pressed about the matter.

When asked if the kiss in ‘For Life’ video was real, Stunna said it was and not fake.

“It was just a kiss, and nothing more has happened since then; however, our friendship is moving strong,” Stunna said.

On his failed record deal with Universal Music Group (UMG) South Africa, Stunna said the deal did not go through due to differences in the contract.

“While I needed such a deal, I did not sign it because it was not beneficial to my career,” Stunna added. “Music is business; therefore, I have always been careful of signing any deal before I get trapped in a messy one.”

The UMG deal, which was a tabled by UMG South Africa, was worth US$1.5 million, unlike Temple Music, which is not close to that.

The UMG deal, according to sources close to the artist, did not materialize after STUNNA’s management team and the record label failed to agree concerning advance payment and ownership of previously recorded songs.

The singer currently regarded as the best young artist right now in Liberia, has a huge crossover potential for success both in Africa and the world at large. He disclosed that he is currently working on his LP and expects it to be out any time soon.

“I’m in the process of completing the EP, and I’m doing everything possible to make sure it is a fan-favorite. The project, which is expected to be out anytime soon, will contain lots of catchy songs and up-tempo sounds, touching topics ranging from love to politics,” Stunna added.


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