Good Things Happening at Bomi College

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When President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made leadership changes at the Bomi County Community College (BCCC) four months ago, the student community and others raised eyebrows.

Defending her decision to appoint Dr. Zobong B. Norman as president, President Sirleaf said that change “is not necessarily bad because it is meant to allow others to continue the contributions made.”

Yesterday, when twelve security officers, including three women, trained by Wornee Security Service, received certificates and assumed the responsibility to secure properties and protect students on the campus, the change was welcomed.

Mr. Victor W. Birch, director and chief trainer of the two-week program told a gathering of family members, school officials and students that the twelve are prepared to ensure safety at Bong County Community College.

“They went through all the required methods directed by the government and therefore you have people who are prepared to carry out their responsibilities,” Birch said.

The Wornee Security Service chief executive officer and founder is retired AFL personnel, Daniel O. Wornee.

Bomi Superintendent Samuel F. Brown said the kind of innovation the current administration was bringing to the county was the first of its kind.

“I’m prepared to make a lot of sacrifices for Dr. Norman and his team,” Brown said, “because for four months he is bringing a lot of changes to the school.”
Brown said in just four months, the administration has replaced blackboards with white boards, installed two ceiling fans in all the seven classrooms and seven wall-clocks.

“Providing competent security personnel for the school is another first,” Brown said, “and my administration will work with the Bomi County Legislative Caucus to let the administration bring good things for our students.”

“I know there are challenges but I can assure the administration that we are together in this one.”

Tubmanburg City Mayor Rebecca Benson welcomed the new improvements at the BCCC, and assured the administration of her support.

“We want to use what you have done as a model to be able to replicate your success and also make sure that we can have such a force to protect life and property in this county,” she said.

BCCC President Dr. Norman said it is his vision to build a viable community college where graduates can prepare to make their major contributions to the development of the country.

“Now we have twelve capable men and women to protect; and while commending you on your achievement, I want to also encourage you to take advantage of the school to educate yourself here,” Dr. Norman said to a round of applause.

Responding, a graduate expressed appreciation for the opportunity to improve their lives and pledged their fullest cooperation to live up to the expectation of the administration and the county.

The president of the BCCC Alumni Association, Mr. Edwin Kpingba, and the president of the BCCC Student Council Government, Mr. Abu V. Fofana, expressed satisfaction with developments at the college over last four months.

They promised to support the administration because of the farsightedness that has made a great change for the first time, since the school was established in 2005.

The graduates are Robert Vincent, Momo N. Morrison, Mana Kifa, Sando Brown, Prince Brown, Tenneh Morris and Philimina Kromah.

The rest are Henry Milimore, Mercy Kamara, Varney Gbelley, Benjamin Helb and Mark Y. Johnson.

Additionally, four women janitors received training to give them more competence in handling their work on the campus. They are Musu Massaquoi, Jessie Butler, Watta John and Fatu Ballah.

Meanwhile, 131 out of 200 chairs arrived to augment the school’s seating capacity.


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