‘Good Samaritan’ Injured, Robbed in Morris’ Farm


A badly injured man has allegedthat he was attempting to rescue his neighbour in Morris’ Farm from alleged armed robbers when he was also robbed of US$3,500 and L$150,000 on Sunday, April 24.

As a result of the attack, Bob Aaron Sattie, a 50 year old Sierra Leonean national, also sustained deep cut to the left side of his head.

Fortunately, he said his wife, who was present during the 2 a.m. robbery, was not harmed.

“The robbers came under cover of darkness and they were armed; and they attacked the house of one of my neighbours,” Sattie told the Daily Observer. “Without much thinking about my safety, I chose to open my door to help my friend and when they saw me, they turned on me, and rushed me into my house.”

Sattie said the men entered his room and immediately started to search for money and valuables. “My wife had US$3,500 and L$15,000 that she had withdrawn from the bank for a trip, and the robbers found the money and took it,” he said, adding that the sum was a loan from

Access Bank Liberia.

He said he thought the men were not armed when he attempted to rescue his neighbor, only to find out that they were, adding that he was assaulted with the weapons in their possession, including clubs. “I saw some of them with guns, too,” he said.

Sattie said after the men left, he immediately reported the incident to the Pipeline Police Depot, informing them that one of the robbers abandoned a “military uniform” during his exit.

Meanwhile, another victim, Saybah Kollie, 37, said she lost a laptop and two cell phones to the same armed robbers.

The Liberia National Police in statement said, in their attempt to respond to the robbery, Emergency Response Unit (ERU) officers received gun fire from the armed robbers who were trying to escape. This prompted the ERU to counter with more firepower, wounding one of the robbers,

Prince Musa, who was still able to escape from the scene. The Police recovered nine pieces of cell phones, one Single Barrel gun and one round of ammunition. A handheld radio belonging to LEC has also been recovered by the police. However the police statement did not mention the money allegedly stolen from Sattie’s residence.

Suspect Prince Musa was later arrested in the late afternoon hours of Monday in the Freeport Community along with five others, namely Sunnyboy Doe, Robert Zoen, Musa Kamara, Ibrahim Glaywea and Junior Kollie.

“The crackdown on the armed robbery and other crimes will remain enforce until the city is clear of these robbers,” the LNP said. “The LNP is requesting members of the public to give needed information to the police that will lead to the arrest of anyone involved with criminal activities in the country.”


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