Good News from Lofa Ebola Epi-Center of Foya


As terrifying predictions from international medical agencies, such as the World Health Organization surfaced in Monrovia, some good news has come from the first epi- center of the deadly Ebola virus—Foya Airfield in Lofa County.

The initial outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) encountered scores of deaths of health and non-medical personnel owing to the perhaps ill-equipped medical facilities of the Foya Free Pentecostal Health Center in Lofa County.

But in several mobile phone contacts with medical authorities of the five out of seven administrative districts in Lofa, this reporter learned that there have no new cases of the Ebola virus recorded over the past two weeks.

Foya District health authorities told the Daily Observer over the weekend that there have been gradual and steady declines in new cases of the Ebola virus from all the seven administrative districts in Lofa County.

Heads of the community radio stations operating in five of the seven administrative districts told the Daily Observer Friday that health messages being aired and preached in churches and mosques have made considerable impact.

Owing to the strict procedural instructions given by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) and the support of global health partners, the health authorities asked not to be named.

But they explained that the decline in new Ebola virus cases could also be attributed to the resilience, fortitude and cooperation of the citizens, residents and local business community in Lofa County.

The health authorities,  however, underscored the urgent need for the entire efforts and accomplishments be consolidated by the provision of the requisite protective gears and financial incentives associated with the extended risks  and deadly consequences.

“We are indeed at the risky frontline and our sole intent is saving the lives of our people that continue to be haunted by this deadly and invisible disease in our districts,” one health personnel asserted.

“Our global medical partners and all governments on the planet Earth should do everything to help restore hope to the desperate and  hopeless Liberians across the country,” one female health personnel emphasized.

The health authorities also commended the religious heads of the seven administrative districts for their initial and continuous determination to work in the sensitization and awareness processes that have led to the successes in the county’s fight against Ebola in Lofa County.

Other stakeholders that participated in the awareness process included the Superintendent, commissioners, paramount, clan, sectional and town chiefs in the county’s various districts.

The health authorities further noted that the traditional leaders were also critical stakeholders in the awareness and sensitization processes. 

Youth groups in the various districts also  played important roles that led to the declines in the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in Lofa County.

But the health authorities underscored the need to intensify the awareness and sensitization initiatives despite of the current gains and accomplishments in the fight against the virus in Lofa County.

The local journalists pointed out that the health messages have extensively dealt with the entrenched cultural and religious traditions that initially drastically increased the death rates in the various districts in Lofa County.

Besides, the local reporters also intimated that the extended official visits by government representatives, aid agencies and private persons with more formal and informal Ebola virus messages helped the entire health initiatives in Lofa County.

The community radio station personnel also disclosed that not all deaths were suspected, probable or  confirmed cases of the Ebola virus.


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