‘Good Integrity, Assets Declaration Minimizes Corruption’

Dr. Tokpah.jpg
Sen. Henrique Tokpa

-Says Sen Tokpa

Bong County Senator Henrique Flomo Tokpa has challenged individuals seeking higher positions in the country to examine themselves and exhibit good integrity, while at the same time declaring their assets before occupying said positions, especially in government.

“Good professional integrity, Senator Tokpa challenged, “should be practiced by all well-meaning Liberians, irrespective of political and religious background; in the same vein, representatives, senators, members of the cabinet as well as those placed in other high positions, should be made to declare their assets before occupying said positions in government. Doing so will help minimize corruption in the country.”

Tokpa, an independent candidate who won the recent by-election in Bong and replaced now Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, was speaking recently at the National Flag Day program organized by the office of Grand Bassa County Senator Jonathan L. Kaipay, held in Diahn-Blae Statutory District #1 where he served as guest speaker.

The event brought together over ten schools from within the district.

A former professor at the Cuttington University, Senator Tokpa called on students throughout the country not to emulate (follow suit, imitate) those vices that have the propensity to destroy the fabric of the educational system, the economy of Liberia and stall the development of the country that Liberians so cherish and desire.

Senator Kaipay called on parents and leaders to join hands in striving to strengthen Grand Bassa as well as Liberia through motivation, while calling for the re-introduction of civic education in the school system of the country.
During the well-attended celebration, Senator Kaipay broke grounds for the construction of a seven-bedroom guest house, estimated at over US$75,000, on the civil compound in District #1.

The Chief launcher, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Prince K. Moye lauded his fellow lawmaker Kaipay for the project and said the gesture is a sign of love for the county.

Rep. Moye then pledged 200 bags of cement and 200 pieces of steel rods, while Sen. Kaipay made an initial contribution of L$1,000,000, and Sen. Tokpa donated US$100 as his contribution.

Residents said that this year’s Flag Day celebration was the first in that district in 29 years.


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