GOL Urged to Save D. Twe High School, As Erosion Breaks a Section of Fence


Alarm broke out last Saturday when residents of Bushrod Island discovered that the relentless assault of the Atlantic Ocean had hacked off a portion of the fence of D. Twe Memorial High School in New Kru Town.

A visit by the Daily Observer revealed that the school is the next target to be destroyed if nothing is done to halt the erosion.

“This must not be allowed to happen,” said New Kru Town resident, and a former graduate, James Weah, demanding that “the Liberian Government must save D. Twe.”

D. Twe is the only government high school that caters to residents of New Kru Town, (NKT), Colonel West (CW), Logan Town (LG), Popo Beach, (PB), Caldwell and other outlying communities.

Since 1981, investigations conducted with residents revealed, successive Liberian Governments have ignored appeals to save the school.

“If nothing is done immediately,” said another resident, “we will lose this important school.”

A long time resident of New Kru Town, Mr. Samson Tweh, warned that it would be unfair for the Liberian Government to ignore the threat to D. Twe’s existence.

“I have seen journalists come here and go. I have also seen them telling the government that the erosion is destroying our houses.

“All our appeals have not paid off and it appears that there are people at the Ministry of Education who have grown their ears for decoration,” Mr. Tweh said in frustration.

Another resident Mr. Wonplue Weah, known as Daddy Cool, who took our reporter on a guided tour last Saturday, asked, “Can the Liberian government afford to lose D. Twe?”

“That should not happen,” insisted Mr. Weah. “Losing the school would mean that those who have been elected to seek the school’s interest don’t care or are not aware of the danger it will bring upon the community.”

Mr. Weah said current difficulties in the education system should move the Ministry of Education to swiftly find a solution to save the only government high school on Bushrod Island.

Residents of Popo Beach, and Logan Town, interviewed appealed to the Liberian government to take immediate measures to save D. Twe High School.

“I’m appealing to Education Minister George Werner to make it a priority to save D. Twe,” Doris Doe of Logan Town said.

Meanwhile, a youth group in New Kru Town is said to be preparing a petition for Rep. Edward Forh, of District #16 on the urgency to save D. Twe High School.


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