GoL to Set up Industrial Processing Facilities in Nine Counties

Former President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The Government of Liberia (GOL) in collaboration with development partners has disclosed plans to set up industrial processing facilities in nine of Liberia’s fifteen counties to boost agricultural production.

The GOL took the decision recently at a special cabinet meeting that carefully reviewed a 150-day action plan focusing on agriculture, energy, health and infrastructure.

According to the Executive Mansion, the 150-day period, dubbed “The Last Mile,” is intended to keep the administration on course and focused.

The action plan states that four rice mills with a capacity of 10 metric tons will be operational in Nimba and Lofa counties, while eight cassava processing clusters will be equipped in seven counties, including Bomi, Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Nimba, Bong, Sinoe and Margibi counties. The completion and dedication of the Golden Veroleum Liberia and Sime Darby Palm mills, as well as the Robertsport and Messurado fishing facilities, are also being earmarked under the 150-day action plan.

The four industrial rice mills to be installed in the two counties, Lofa and Nimba, are being procured by the Liberia Agribusiness Development Activities (LADA), a USAID-funded project, an official of LADA has revealed.


  1. Those new FACILITIES, should be well MAINTAINED. Liberia’s biggest problem have always been maintenance. Any equipment that is not well maintained, is a waste of resource. Thanks! Lady Sirleaf. Good for Liberia. Perhaps we should process all RICE inLiberia; domestic as well as imported RICE. That will make a good source of employment for our own “LABOR FORCE”. Just as we sell “RAW MATERIALS” to foreign buyers, let get the RAW MATERIALS; in some cases, and do our own PROCESSING. Henryf617@Gmail.com.

  2. I don’t believe, this government will accomplish; setting up industrial processing plants, in nine counties.their, political duration has expire!

  3. This failed unity party government which is characterized by corruption, nepotism and lack of political will has nothing to offer this country after more than 11 years in power. It is another false promise that is intended to fool the Liberian people to get their votes in the october elections. But the people have passed this stage and can not be fool again just as it was done in the last 11 years. Industrial processing plant to be constructed in nine counties is a very big mirage.

  4. EJS thought she would just talk away out of responsive responsible governance, but faced with the reality that the elections might determine her post – presidency fate, the old dame is trying to play catch – up.

    A child who straddled the escalating Congua – Country divide, imagine what would have been accomplished had she committed to equality of opportunities towards bridging it. Because every curious Liberian knows that rather than an actual divide between the two sides, the problem is a class warfare, the growing gap between the haves, and have – nots.

    Nonetheless, the vast majority of Liberians, undeniably, appreciate whatever comes in to lessen their suffering.

  5. A philosopher once said, “Leadership involves remembering past mistakes, an analysis of today’s achievements, and a well-grounded imagination in visualizing the problem of the future.”

    These are leadership traits we expect of our president, lawmakers and her cabinet! Do they remember our past mistakes that brought Liberia, once a beacon of hope in Africa, to its demise? Since the war ended in 2003, what are the achievements that we can boast off?

    Liberia problems are more than just building infrastructures? Some of these explosive problems (political, tribalism, economic, security, social, sanitation, religious, inequalities, legal, poverty, health, human development, lawlessness, land disputes, homelessness, high infant mortality rate, high teen pregnancy, corruption, education, crime, national unity, over dependency on foreign aid,) in Liberia are enormous!

    What are the blue prints put in place by this government to avoid another political, social, religious, and economic conflict from reoccurring in the future in Liberia? What are we doing to correct some of the flaws in our constitution to bring about equal opportunities and total inclusiveness in Liberia? What are we doing to reduce president, senators, and representatives’ term limit back to pre-1986 Constitution status?

    What are doing to give dual citizenship to thousands of Liberians living abroad who are the bread winners of many families in Liberia?

    What are we doing to remove our outdated racist clause in the Liberian Constitution of denying Liberian citizenship to people of non-negro race?

    Just for political expediency, some Liberians are using tribalism, propaganda and ethnocentrism to alienate other ethnic groups that are part of the Liberian fabric. Liberians born or living in the diaspora should never feel ostracize from their Motherland by fellow Liberians living in Liberia. We are all Liberians. There are too many Liberians being born overseas that could contribute to the development of Liberia. If we do not stop this “CONGO-NATIVES” divide, the next generation of Liberians in the diaspora will always feel alienated.

    Election time is on the horizon! All of the sudden, our out-going president has an epiphany (vision). She just realized Liberia has the potential to produce and process its own food. At this last hour, she wants to resuscitate our failing economy. Was she asleep in Liberia for the past eleven years as “THINGS FALL APART”? Chinua Achebe said.

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    I want to kown if the ministery of agriculture can support plantee and banana project? if yes,
    i need the ministry and the government of Liberia support on my plantee farm in Sinoe, Dist. Juarzon.
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