GOL Calls for Autopsy on Murdered LRA Duo

Albert Peters’ and Victoria Lamah’s lifeless bodies were found on October 2, 2020, on Broad Streets in a parked vehicle belonging to Peters, in front of the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

The Ministry of Justice has informed the families of the late Albert Peters and Victoria Asmah “Gifty” Lamah families of its intent to conduct an autopsy on the bodies to help investigators to determine the causes of death of the Liberian Revenue Authority (LRA) employees.

Albert Peters’ and Gifty Lamah’s lifeless bodies were found on October 2, 2020, on Broad Streets in a parked vehicle belonging to Peters, in front of the Sacred Heart Cathedral.  

Eyewitness accounts indicate that the vehicles were brought to the scene and parked on the early morning of Friday, October 2, “by a huge man, wearing a cap”, eyewitnesses said.

Mr. Peters worked as an Assistant Commissioner for Internal Audit and Mrs. Lamah was a manager in the Tax Payer Services Division (TPSD).  The pair were separately married; Albert Peters had Beatrice Andrews Peters as his wife while Victoria Asmah Lamah was married to Sylvester Saye Lamah.

Both Peters and Lamah were discovered in back seat of his vehicle. He was clad only in his underwear with one ear cut off skin peeled off his body according to his wife, while Lamah was discovered fully clothed, with even her makeup intact and with a broken neck.

The pending autopsy, according to a government release, came after authorities of Justice Ministries met the families of the deceased to update them on the state of the investigation which is accordingly still in an early stage.

“The Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Frank Musa Dean directed that representatives of the families be allowed at every stage of the autopsy exercise,” the release said. “Also, [the ministry] availed the option of bringing in pathologists of their choosing to participate in the examination of an independent examination as the government emphasizes its determination to conduct an open and impartial investigation in order to get to the cause of the unexplained deaths.”

Meanwhile, as the investigation unfolds, the government is urging the public to remain calm and refrain from conjectures that could serve no useful purpose, but to undermine the process.

Public opinion has it that the two were murdered and brought to the scene their bodies were discovered, but how they came together to be murdered at the same time and placed in the same vehicle is the mystery yet to understand.

Earlier, Beatrice Andrews Peters, wife of the late Albert Peters, has disclosed that it was unheard of fo rher husband to stay out late and that he has not slept out without her prior knowledge in the 25-year period the couple had lived together.

Both Peters and Lamah were ranking employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority, one of Liberia’s integrity institutions.

Mrs. Peters has also dispelled any concern that her husband and Madam Lamah may have been involved in an extra-marital affair, emphasizing that they have always treated Gifty as a daughter.

Mrs. Peters, who is also a branch manager of the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) at Free Port of Monrovia, said she and her husband left that Thursday morning together, but when she tried calling her husband after hours without seeing him home in the evening, she could not get an answer.

“His phone is most of the time on silent, but when I called, he could not answer. Someone would ‘OK’ the phone but would not answer. Augustine Chenoweth (yet to be identified) and I talked and he said LRA’s staff were at the town hall where the President’s birthday was celebrated and he told me that we should pray,” said Mrs. Peters in an audio recording earlier.

Dispelling the presence of her husband at the birthday party, Madam Peters in that audio is heard saying, “My husband cannot be there because he does not stay out late. My husband never slept out one day for the time we have been together for 25 years.”

In the audio, Madam Peters is heard calling her daughter who also accounted that her father was arguing with his boss on the phone about preparing a report for submission but said he needed time to prepare the report and was on leave.

(Madam Peters) without seeing her husband throughout Thursday night woke up with the thought that she could pass through Snapper Hill, Broad Street to reach the International Bank (IB), where her husband had earlier said he was going for his money.

“Maybe he fell sick and is admitted. So I decided to take some of his briefs along with me, but while on Snapper Hill, my daughter who I was also carrying to school, saw my husband’s car and called my attention, ‘Mama, that’s daddy’s car,’ and that’s how we parked my car and the driver went to the car to check.

Opening the door, the driver saw Gifty (Victoria) well-dressed and lying with her neck believed to be broken while my husband was in a boxer with his arm broken and laid behind him,” she recounted. She also said her husband’s ear was cut, and he was skinned.

“The driver shouted and I ran to the car, and that’s how we started raising an alarm. People around there told us that the car was brought early Friday morning by a huge man with a cap on his head and he parked it (car) there, but we do not know him and did not know what was on the car,” she narrated in the audio.

Briefing the media on October 5, 2020, Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue said they would proceed with an autopsy when need be, and considering the circumstances of the incident, anyone that has credible information to provide the police “to aid the investigation can rest assured that he or she will be safe and protected, and all information provided will be treated confidentially.”

“We call on the public to remain calm as the Liberia National Police is doing everything to investigate the incident surrounding the death of the two persons.  We are equally welcoming anyone who has useful information that can aid the investigation, and we will treat that information with confidentiality and the person will be fully protected,” the police IG said.


  1. Autopsy alone will not help. Like I posted yesterday, digital evidence, especially handover/location information from the Mobile Terminals (MT) of the deceased extracted from the Home Location Register (HLR) or Visitor Location Register (VLR) at the Switching Center (SC) of the mobile Service Providers (SP) as well as metadata from the billing information for the mobile devices of the deceased coupled including information from SPs employed with Geographic Information Analysis (placing location information obtained from the SP and time stamping them) will help put the pieces of the puzzle together. Capture the digital data (get it from the SPs), work along with LISGIS for spatial analysis (LISGIS has spatial information/data for approximately the whole country ). Digital data used critically with investigative theories of what might have happened, will provide you with a vital lead in the investigation.

    The crime scene was contaminated prior to and during the arrival of LNP forensic team (officers?)? You will get a picture of the real time movement of the victims on the day of their death. Obtain information of all MTs connected to the cell towers to which the victims were also connected. Which mobile devices seem to be sharing the same cell towers with both or one of the victims(Were there persons of interest within proximity)? At what point did any of these devices switched off (possible time of death?) ? Did both of the victims devices switch off at the same time (at which location(s) did this happen) ? When did the MTs stop handing over to other cells for an extended period (which geographic location was that )? Now it can be painstaking to gather all that data because thousands of persons could be at the same location at the same time and just moving randomly in the same direction. But, are there persons of interest within vicinity(know criminals)? Who called them on that day? Did the same person call both of them? Did any of the persons of interest change location to cells within the proximity of where victims body were found?

    Most importantly, who did not call them that day ? Who called them usually and had their phone switched off on the day of their death? There are many questions to draw a picture of possible suspects.

    Here is what I wrote yesterday:

    I don’t know to what extent the Liberian National Police (LNP) is investigating this case. My comments here are largely based on information we are getting from the media and police handling of the crime scene. I would comment on the latter first. After watching a few crime series/movies even a kid will be better prepared to process the crime scene than the LNP (well, we don’t know where it happened, but for the purposes of the investigation we treat where the bodies were found as a probable crime scene).

    First off, officers arriving at the scene of the crime did alarmingly little to process the scene with due caution as expected of crime scene technicians so as to avoid contamination of the scene. Police or what might be expected to be crime scene analysts/units arrived armed with little more than cheap Chinese gloves and cell phones, poorly equipped to process the scene. I did not see any of the “forensic technicians” in any forensic crime scene examiner suits ( I guess there are still PPEs from the Ebola days for worst case scenarios where LNP has no suits). There were journalists and others within the perimeter of of the barricade tape, intended to prevent contamination. Individuals not involved with the analysis of the scene were constantly interfering and the immediate vicinity that might have material/physical and/ or DNA evidence that might turn out to be relevant for future prosecution of the case was not be gathered. Now , let’s assume that this is Broad Street and people can’t just keep their hands off any vehicles as is the case, there is still vital DNA evidence to be gathered just from the vehicle and the vicinity of the crime. By now LNP should be competent enough to gather vital DNA evidence from processing in an advanced lab anywhere in the world. I remind the reader that the LNP has a huge network of fellow officers around the world that would be willing to guide them (digitally or otherwise) in collecting evidence from the scene. The LNP in my opinion was not at all interested in doing so.

    Anyway, let me get away from physical evidence and focus on “helping” the LNP gather digital evidence from both the 4G mobile network (it is customary here in Liberia to subscribe to the two cell phone service providers Orange and MTN) as well as the internet (aka cell phones and device the victims had). We assume here that the court has approve the search/analysis of above mentioned devices. I believe both victims had cell phones (smart or not) and computers some time before the murder took place, and one way or the other these devices will contain pieces of information that might lead to a breakthrough in this case(these cases?).

    I will roughly and briefly explain in layman terms how this works. As a mobile device (person holding a mobile phone travels from point A to B) moves around, the device/phone connects to different cells performing “handovers” ( connecting to a cell closer to the mobile phone with stronger signal) for better coverage. There are several cells/towers placed around the city (those long towers strategically placed around the city for coverage are called cells – some are actually base stations, or simply put the mother for the amount of cell assigned to it). Now as the mobile phone moves around from one location to the next, approximate information of it’s location (with GPS in smartphone location is much more accurate) is stored at a switching center in either a Home Location Register (HLR) or a Visitor Location Register (VLR). I stop here for the scenario of gathering information from the cell phone at the cell phone service provider level , this is not meant to be a course in Telecommunications/ Wireless communications. The LNP can request vital location information/data from the aforementioned cell phone service providers and spatially analyze it (use location data with GIS expertise- talk to the boys at LISGIS if you don’t have GIS expertise within the LNP, they will help you map location information obtained with time stamps so as to enable you can get the probabilistic picture of the movement of the victims prior to their to their death).

    The scenario could be like so: At time t1 victim one called victim two. At the same time caller one was calling both victims with 5 mins interval. Caller 1 was located at point A, while victim 1 was located at point B. Victim 2 was x miles away from victim 1 at the time of these calls. Confirm if both MNT and/or Orange locations are approximately exact. At time t2 both victim1 and victim 2 were at the same location. Did they make any calls to anyone (vice versa) during that time. When were their last calls made and to who? Analyze the billing information several months back… who called the victims often. Who called them the last hours before they were heard from no more? Be critical, were their cell phones moved around the city by another person after their death? Did anyone else answered calls from family members? Which individuals were connected to cells/towers that might be persons of interest? Where were the cell phones positioned for an extensive period of time (likely crime scene?)?

    Analyze all the emails/digital communication especially work emails. It will take time but passwords can be obtained from service providers. Considering the phone is not yet recovered, has it been switched on lately (highly unlikely)? The main take away here is which “persons of interest” phone location coincided with the location of the victims for an extensive period of time? Who did not call that would call usually according to metadata from call logs? Did anyone’s geo location change from the victims prior location to the probable new location where the car was found (that is if the killer had any phone on them at all).

    The list of investigative questions is exhaustive based on various theories of what might have happen. I hope LNP will use the resources available to it to resolve this case. Too many deaths occur under mysterious circumstances in this country. There must be an end to this! I haven’t commented on here for a while but this case caught my attention!

    • They are just playing games. Indeed, the cell phone data analyses are very important here.Autopsy cannot provide those details of the various locations.

      • I totally agree Joel, it is mind blowing what Geographic/Spatial Data Analysis combined with digital evidence from the SPs can do in a criminal investigation. For example , did the MTs (mobile phones) change cell locations rapidly (could signal victims were moving in a vehicle) ? Did any persons of interest (possible suspects) change the same cells at the same time and approximate rate of change (could signal victims being followed, maybe they were followed separately )? Did those persons of interest or any MTs within proximity stop after the victims stopped. Their last known “cell phone stop” location is of high interest (does the geographic information (mapped cell phone location) show it’s close to a restaurant or closer to the residence of someone they knew?.

        Mapped properly, the geographic information could reveal the real time movement of the victims (aka the route they took when they left home) can be superimposed on a map to determine the movement of the victims on that day. Gather an impressive list of all possible individuals that know the victims that shared the same cell tower connectivity on the day of their death. Investigate them.

        One critical moment in this case is you cannot trust the confidentiality of LNP. I guess people have some blurred idea of what happened but are afraid to come forward (considering this is a murder given the mysterious circumstances – well no one is yet proven guilty and there is no information to yet from the police to indicate it’s murder so I have to tread with caution when I speak).

        Joel, you are right this is just games or ignorance, the like of which I’m yet to hear of ! No protective Crime Scene Examiner suit used by the police at the location the bodies were found. The only thing closer to a suit there was a “Higher High” suit or whatever it’s called one of the officers were wearing! What a country we live in ?

      • what am i writing blunder. i meant the contraction “it’s” 3rd person singular of the verb “to be” not the third person possessive pronoun “its”.

    • According to you, it is a “call me john doe“ who has to rant to THE POLICE an institution, organization, or network known on earth for its sophistication even in espionage and intelligence?

      Do you have any idea about accountable cryptomaterial, CODRESS, or even the cryptoprinciple, or dead drop?

      Little you there about “contamination of crime scene“, as if even a scout would ever consider such spot where the car with the bodies found is any actual crime scene.

      As if such rubbish is not enough, you must spew your copious nonsense about “autopsy alone will not help“.

      Of course, “autopsy alone will not help“, but in a case of this nature in which suicide is ruled out, autopsy leads to the most vital clues for the final stages of investigation, prosecution, and adjudication!

      • Call Me Lu Lee
        Do you have any clue what you are talking about? My guess here is you are completely ignorant to how policing works in Liberia and most African countries or you wouldn’t come on here qualifying what I wrote as “rubbish”.

        First of all, you are wrong by reasoning that even a scout wouldn’t consider the spot the car was found as a crime scene. In the field of investigation no angle is ruled out til police has overwhelming evidence to rule it out. The deaths ( and yes I am using death for legal purposes instead of murder because it is not yet proven it is a murder) could have occurred at the scene the cars were found.

        How could you have even the slightest knowledge of crime scene contamination and hold think that the crime scene was properly analyzed? Are you knowledgeable of what occur at the “found scene” that day? I guess not or you wouldn’t be out here trying to discredit my input.

        Do you live in Liberia (you don’t have to live here to know by the way)? Do you encounter police on a daily basis? Do you understand how policing works here ? Have you followed high similar high profile cases in the past? Do you know how the investigation ended (Conclusion). LNP most certainly has key resource individuals, are they making use of these resources ? Why haven’t they helped with past cases.

        Did I write autopsy will not help or “autopsy alone will not help”. Your last paragraph answers the question. You are contradicting yourself and me as well as validating me in your last paragraph. My point wasn’t autopsy was not vital, but the theme of my input was the combination of various technological resources to find an answers and eventually (used here cautiously) apprehend the perpetrators (used here cautiously for legal reasons).

        Now in conclusion here, could you in your right mind say that the police follow guidelines for processing crime scene at the location the bodies were found? Are you worth your salt to say that the officers (in past cases and the current ) are sophisticated in espionage and intelligence gathering? “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”.

  2. Autopsy is irrelevant right now. We NEED to know WHO killed them, not HOW they died. Pull their cell phone records, satellite can tell the location of their phones on the day they went missing. Nonsense GOL.

  3. This is a horrific crime that must be thoroughly investigate and the criminals brought to justice. No one is safe in Liberia if these savage killers are allowed to roam the streets freely. My hear goes out to the families – very sad. The government should do everything in its power to bring these criminals to justice.

  4. Good analysis John!

    I see your point. The magnitude of this murder goes beyond a mere autopsy. If we were to reflect back to the EJS era, this murder could end up as a replay of the Harry Greaves murder saga all over again. After he was murdered and dumped into the ocean, the autopsy report revealed his body was contaminated and therefore the only conclusion the pathologists could arrive at was he died from asphyxiation, and that is death caused by choking or suffocation.

    Sanctioned and ritualistic killings are so deeply rooted within the Liberian society that they make one to ask about what is wrong with our collective humanity. These events compel people to wonder whether we are a civilized people. Is this the country, which senators were about to pass a law a few years ago declaring it a Christian nation? I cry, Lord bless us for I do not think so!

    The murder also has a strong semblance of how a dictatorial government often tries to break its citizens’ will through the use of intimidation, violence, and coercion. Who has the closest access to the security apparatuses and the underground para-military thugs besides the president and members of his establishment? Nobody else has access to them including his Executive Protective Service (EPS) group and the so-called Liberian National Police Force (LNPF), which is nothing but an extension wing of the president’s CDC-party.

    Mr. Henry Costa, the controversial talk show host, alluded to this incident a few years ago after the June 7th COP’s unparallel demonstrations, which claimed both national and international acclamation, that Weah’s thugs will continue committing sanctioned killings and other clandestine activities against peaceful citizens until they will one day murder someone of prominent importance, and such a heinous act will be the straw that will finally break the camel’s back. Only the Lord knows what intervention the aftermath will need to stop the volcanic eruptions that will follow.

    Using barbaric tactics to win the hearts and minds of the citizens does not suffice as such tactics will eventually fire back. Don’t the CDC officials live in the same country as well as opposition members? Don’t they have families and family members, whose lives and properties that they must protect just like all other citizens? Why can’t they see that if things go out of hand, they will not only affect the poor masses, but will also gravely affect the wealthy since they have even greater control over what is economically at stake for everybody?

    • John Tarnue!
      I am glad there are folks on here like you that retrospect, analyze and conclude based on statistics (what has been happening in our country and the way investigation unfolded ). Like you also rightly pointed out ,these deaths under mysterious circumstances go beyond autopsy. We are not primarily interested in what happened at this stage, we want to know now is who is involved with this and bringing him/her/ them before the court of law for justice to take it’s course.

      The path that is being chosen now (autopsy) is ok , but mostly leads us to knowing what happened (Lord knows to what extent these guys are capable of performing a post mortem, given how the police treated the what I call “found scene” , because it is seemingly unlikely the deaths occur there.

      Government of Liberia (GOL) has immense resources at its disposal to solve this mysterious death case, but it does not use it. You have a bunch of agencies that could have and can as well as must be used in this investigation but they choose not to use it. I’ll explain. GOL has ambulances, but crime scene investigators, I assume the officers within the barricade were as they would have no business within the barricade tape at that point in time. LNP even attempted to drive the bodies in the vehicles they were found in. I don’t know how that ended, but that was a huge mistake. At this point used LISGIS if you don’t have Geographic Information Systems (GIS) personnel for mapping of digital evidence gathered from the mobile phones of the victims as well as the Service Providers.

      I AM BEING REPITIVE HERE IN MY POSTS AND REPLIES BECAUSE THIS IS A KEY RESOURCE THAT CAN HELP SOLVE THE PROBLEM, SIMPLE AS THAT. LISGIS is not just a resource to produce spatial/ geographic information data aimed at mapping, population census or election statistics as it might be perceived. There is no limit to what GIS can be used for. GIS IS AN INTELLIGENCE GATHERING RESOURCE,USE IT ALONG WITH OTHER RESOURCES YOU HAVE, YOU WILL DERRIVE THE ANSWER. We live in a digital era, policing is not just brushing off fingerprints from doors (well that wasn’t even done), interview witnesses, you also need digital evidence for example to place witnesses at certain locations which they might otherwise deny if no one saw them. Digital evidence will place them around or at the crime scene.You can then corner them with that hard evidence.



      • When I say we are not primarily interested in what happened, I mean cause of death as in physical circumstances that lead to their deaths (for example, shooting, choking, etc). What we want at this stage is to apprehend those involved.

        • Call me John Doe, until you have known what such police concepts as MATERIAL CONTROL STATION, MESSAGE INDICATOR, OR MICRODOTS entail, you are just as any ordinary guy in the science of policing.

          In other words, no matter the amount of aliases to deceive yourself, nor your copious boredom, call me john doe, shall alter the reality that in the eyes of any police recruit (let alone a police administrator, or a crack detective),, everything you have ranted here is what the ordinary guy “on the street“ knows, hence elementary and lackadaisical.

  5. What is the significant of the Justice Ministry ordering autopsies? When the ministry knows fully well that the slained LRA employees were killed by an unknown person. Will the autopsy reports identify the perpetrator(s) or the culprit(s)? It is so sad that evertime someone dies in Liberia mysteriously, the Justice ministry evokes conducting autopsy? Autopsy report, does not establish culpability. Autopsy is a postmortem examination to discover the cause of death or the extent of disease. I think the Justice ministry should be more focused on forensics investigation, than autopsy examination if the ministry is serious to find the malefactor. There had been so many autopsies conducted in Liberia over the past years regarding inexplicable deaths, with no one being arrested. How do we Liberians expect this country, Liberia to attract good businesses when the occurrences of enigmatic deaths are taking place with no justice for the slained? We are better than this. We need to be serious my people! This cannot continue unabated. The government needs to be serious with it’s citizens security. MAMA LIBERIA is heading in the wrong direction very fast too. I think for this madness to stop, every citizen should be allowed to purchase and register a gun with a concealed carry permit from the proper issuing authority.

  6. John Doe

    John, I must thank you once again for expanding my intellectual horizon on how extensive LISGIS technological power has become and the awesome breakthroughs it has contributed and continue to contribute in unraveling some of the most difficult crime mysteries.

    You are quite a well balanced and resourceful writer.

    And as you are already aware, some folks come in this forum solely to heap verbal insults against well rounded people like you simply because in comparison, they often become frustrated and infuriated when they discover their intellectual outputs cannot measure up to others’ expectations. In other words, they are ideologically deprived. Consequently, this deficiency causes them to project anger against people whom they feel have the art of proffering superior ideas since they are knowledgeable and know what they are talking about.

    As a matter of fact, sometimes their anger takes on an overtone of partisanship bickering even against those whose intentions are neutral, genuine and are meant to achieve unbiased outcomes by shedding the light, helping to untangle the truth, and bringing closure to daunting situations. The ire often generated and the internal vibes and animosities often built-up against such individuals because they chose to make an objective or professional assessment of situations before drawing conclusions, is incredible.

    We have a long way to go, don’t we?

    • John Tarnue
      I am humbled. Thank you for your kind words. You are a resourceful person as well. Your writings prove it. I must admit you write better than me.Yes, John, we have a long long way to go! As for the guy on the rampage he probably doesn’t stand the thruth or has something under his sleeves. I think , I am going to ignore him. He apparently has no clue of what he’s talking about. By scrapping bunch of words of the net doesn’t authenticate him. I am just going to ignore him I guess. It’s not worth it.

  7. Liberians and Friends of Liberia, Liberia and its people are in great danger. No where in Liberia and no part of Liberia is saved. The following institutions and individuals in Liberia are prime targets. They and their institutions are in great danger. President George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government will target and eliminate you at anytime. President George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government have plans to target and eliminate: 1)Key members and leaders of Liberia’s leading opposition parties; 2) Key members and leaders of the PRESS Union of Liberia; 3) Key members and leaders of the Liberia Council of Churches; 4) Key members and leaders of the Civil Society Organizations; and 5), Anyone that stands in the way of President George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government ruling Liberia for life. President Weah and key members of his CDC-led Government have met, setup and commissioned death squads in Liberia.

    Liberians and Friends, Nathaniel McGill, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Samuel D. Tweah, Minister of Finance and Development, Jefferson Koijee, City Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Patrick Sudue, Inspector General of Liberia National Police (LNP), James Pearson, Director of NSA, and Frank Musa Dean, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Liberia, led by President George Manneh Weah himself, are in the know of the Weah-led Death Squads setup and operating fearlessly in Liberia.

    Liberians and Friends, just so you know, Albert Peters and Mrs. Gifty A. Lama, were abducted, transported at an unknown, but known location, tortured and murdered by President George Manneh Weah and his DEATH SQUAD AND LATER THEIR LIFELESS BODIES DROPPED-OFF AT BROAD STREET. At about 7:00 P.M. Liberia’s Time, Mr. George Fahnboto, another Auditor and key staff at LRA, was targeted and murdered by two key members of the Weah-led Death Squad riding a bike along the 72nd BLVD.

    And lastly, no opposition political party will win any election in Liberia. Please watch for yourselves, the videos posted by Mr. Henry Costa on Oct 6, 2020. Go to YouTube and type: “Third LRA Murder,” and you will watch for yourselves how two members of the Weah-led Death Squad targeted and murdered Mr. George Fahnboto, the third Auditor hired at LRA on the 72nd BLVD. This is a stage murder.

    And after you are done watching the first video, go back to YouTube type, “Happening Now”. You will also watch for yourselves the video of National Elections Commission (NEC) taking election materials being delivered at Rep. Thomas Fallah’s school in Neezoe Community.

    President Weah and CDC will steal every and all elections in Liberia. WATCH!!!

    Liberians and friends, Liberia and our people of Liberia are in grave danger!


    Sundaygar Davis
    Concerned Son of Liberia
    Resident of the United States


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