GoL Releases Photo of House where Mandela Lodged while in Liberia

The late Amb. T. Ernest Eastman's home, along the Tubman Boulevard in Congo Town, housed several members of the South African resistance against apartheid, including the late Nelson Mandela and Hugh Masekela, during the 1960s.
The Office of the Vice President of Liberia has released photos of the house in which Mandela was lodged during the height of the liberation struggle.

This is the house located in Oldest Congo Town, outside Monrovia that Nelson Mandela lived in during his stay in Liberia in the heat of the Liberation struggle in South Africa. The house belongs to the Late Ernest Eastman who was Minister of Foreign Affairs and also served as Minister of State and Ambassador to many countries. He was a personal friend of Mandela. The Government of Liberia fully supported Mandela in his struggle against apartheid in SA.  The bed on which Mandela slept was there up to the civil crisis in Liberia.  Amb. Eastman lived in this house until he died.  



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