GoL Owes Nimba US$4.8M

From left: Osundu Gonpa Dahn, Comptroller PMC; Rep. Johnson Gwiakolo; Peterson Walker, PMC Chair; Dr. Edward Lama Wonkeryor, NCCC President; Rep. Samuel Kogar.

PMC seeks UNICO intervention

The Project Management Committee (PMC) of Nimba is seeking the intervention of the group of Nimba citizens residing in the United States of America, under the banner United Citizens Council (UNICO), to press on the Government of Liberia to release the money to the county for speedy development.

Peterson G. N. Walker, the PMC chairman, who spoke to the Daily Observer via mobile phone, said the delay in releasing the money is hampering initiatives in the county.

Expressing frustration over the delay of the release of the projected US$3 million as outlined at the County Council Sitting in September 2018, Walker told a recent UNICO convention in the United States that the county administration has applied all efforts, through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, to get the money, but to no avail.

In May 2019, Mr. Walker, along with some officials of the Nimba County administration, were invited to attend this year’s UNICO convention. Other Nimba invited officials include, Osundu Gonpa Dahn, Representatives Larry Younquoi, Samuel Kogar, Johnson Gwiakolo, and Dr. Edward Lama Wonkeryor, president of the Nimba County Community College.

At the convention, the visiting Nimba officials made several presentations, beginning in Philadelphia, Atlanta Georgia, Ohio and Minnesota on May 25, 31, June 1 and June 8, respectively.

Mr. Walker also made presentations outlining all the developmental achievements they made from 2014 to 2017.

In response, the leader of UNICO, Dahn Dennis, expressed concern over the delay and vowed to work with the county authority to constructively engage the central government for the release of the projected US$3 million so as to tackle the county development agenda.

“We invited these officials so we can be abreast of the statuses of social development, the county development fund and other funds associated with county development agenda mentioned in the September 2018 County Council Sitting,” Mr. Dennis told the UNICO convention.

“We have about US$4.8 million in the government account and, frustratingly, the government released about US$100,000,” said Mr. Walker during his presentation.

“All the yellow machines are grounded, while the roads are getting damaged, with all the development activities in the county stalled, how can we go about implementing the resolution the council passed in September last year, when the time has almost elapsed?” he explained to the US based Nimbaians.

However, UNICO president, Mr. Dennis, told the visiting Nimba officials that the organization is planning visitation to Liberia, where they will tour several parts of Nimba as a mean of acquainting themselves with ongoing development in Nimba.

The UNICO delegation will climax their trip with ground breaking of multi-purpose women hall in Ganta, Nimba County.


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