GoL Delegation off to Ghana for Senator Doe-Sheriff’s Body

Some of the Senators get ready to visit residence of their fallen colleague, Doe-Sheriff.

The President Pro-tempore of the Senate on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, informed plenary of the Senate that a high-powered delegation has departed the country for Accra, Ghana to bring home the remains of the late Montserrado County Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff.

Pro-temp Chie disclosed that the Senate and the Executive Branch of Government are collaborating to give the former Chairperson on Executive a befitting burial.

According to Sen. Chie, the delegation is headed by Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, and included the Senate chairman on Foreign Affairs and kinsman (Marylander) to the late Senator, H. Dan Morais.

Chie, however did not say when the delegation will return with their fallen colleague.

‘Colleagues, members of the press, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, the messages clearly befit our fallen colleague; she has gone and we are left behind to continue the struggle, the struggle of life in civil service,” he said.

As a mark of respect and tradition of the Senate in recent years, yesterday’s sitting (9th day) carried one agenda item, a statement by the President Pro-tempore of the Senate.

Sen. Chie, among several befitting comments from other Senators, recalled that the late Sen. Doe-Sheriff, as a practicing Catholic, had asked him (as a fellow Catholic ) for the design of a grotto, shrine where the statue of blessed Virgin Mary is placed.

Notable among the Senators at yesterday’s brief session was the only female Senator in the current Senate, Grand Bassa County Senator and chair on Rules, Order and Administration Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, who was all tearful but was consoled by her colleagues.

At yesterday’s gathering, Pro-temp Chie led an array of Senators to the residence of the late Sen. Doe-Sheriff to sympathize with her family, while the chair and desk in the new Chamber of the Senate was decorated by her colleague Karnga-Lawrence with white-color roses, which drew the attention of journalists and the general public.

Meanwhile, Grand Cape Mount County Senator Edward Boakai Dagoseh, who like Sen. Doe-Sheriff, was bed-ridden for several months has finally returned to session despite his frailty.

On the brink of tears, Dagoseh was overheard recalling how Sen. Doe-Sheriff used to go to his sick bed and encourage him to get well, joking that she and her colleagues were not ready for another funeral. “Unfortunately, my friend has passed.”

The late Sen. Doe-Sheriff joined the Senate since she won her seat on the ticket of the Congress for Democratic Change(CDC) in 2009 before switching to the former ruling Unity Party. Her current term was set to expire in 2021.

Prior to her death on Saturday, February 9, 2019, just days shy of her 52nd birthday, the senator battled cancer for well over a year.

According to family sources, Sen. Doe-Sheriff, fondly called ‘Lady Zico’  died at the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital in Accra, Ghana, where she had gone for treatment.

Madam Doe-Sheriff won the seat left vacated after the death of Senator Hannah Brent also of the CDC in 2009.


  1. Sad that a senator had died in a foreign nation while getting treatment for her health. The question bears, why not fix the nation healthcare system? Will Liberian leaders continued to die in Ghana?

  2. Because of the lack of wisdom the people perish. Its a shame leaving your country to get the body of a senator in another country like Ghana. think twice Liberians, its only us can make Liberia a better place.

  3. Liberia is a complete disgrace to the world. Why Liberia as an African Country, is still struggling to maintain its citizens whenever they ill! Now another money has been spent to go for a senator’s body, another by-election is yet to take place, where are we liberians heading to! Hmmmm This too is Liberia.

  4. what they are sending a high power delegation to another country to pick up a body?is this propoor? wow she could go abroad for treatment but others would have died much earlier. This nation is pathetic with rich officials going abroad for treatment.

    • WHY ARE WE SENDING AN ENTOURAGE TO PICK UP THE BODY? The vice president travels with no less than 15 persons then you include the other officials and their entourage. the government will pay for the plane tickets, per diem, hotel and funeral costs this could easily cost $50,000.00 usd.

  5. Who cares about healthcare if you’re sitting on the heap of power as a Senator? One by one they will all die of diabetes, heart disease, prostate cancer, cancer, and the list goes on. Most of these folks will die before age 65 – that’s the life expectancy in Liberia.

  6. The Liberian health system is a big disgrace all official and their children go abroad for treatment leaving the very poor people who trusted them in to power perish. Liberia do have train professional doctors but they have no tools to work with starting with simple hand latex glove not available.
    its a shame. REP senator

  7. let the government of Liberia do something about the health system so our citizen can be treated at
    home not abroad,and not all Liberian got money for medical trip.


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