GoL Commissions Probe in Cummings, Kolubah Attack

Joint security create human barricade against angry mob outside the guest house in Zwedru, where Rep. Kolubah and Mr. Cummings were staying

The Ministry of Justice has announced a full-scale probe in the incident involving opposition leader Alexander Cummings and Representative, Yekeh Kolubah in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.

Both men—Cummings and Kolubah were recently greeted with a hostile reception on July 30, in Zwedru by some citizens of that county who accused the former of a persistent wave of verbal attacks against President George Weah. In the end, their action, according to eyewitnesses, escalated from the chanting of anti-Yekeh slogans to a frenzy of stone-throwing.

And as public condemnation of the attack flows in, the government through the Liberia National Police announced a preliminary investigation into circumstances that led to an attack on opposition leader Alexander Cummings and his entourage.

“Having conducted a preliminary investigation into circumstances that led to an attack on opposition leader Alexander Cummings and his entourage in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, the Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Justice, has commissioned a full-scale probe into the incident while condemning the appalling violence.

In this regard, the Superintendent of Grand Gedeh has been summoned to Monrovia to assist in the probe,” the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism said in a statement posted on Facebook.

According to the release, the Ministry of Justice has directed the Joint Security Forces to ensure that all those involved in Thursday’s incident are held to account for their actions.

“The inquiry will determine the apparent lapse in security protocol and other reasons which contributed to the fracas. The Ministry however notes the fact that the Cummings delegation safely visited several other counties without incident, a clear indication that the Government is committed to protecting all its citizens, regardless of their political persuasion,” it said.

The release added, that the government will continue to value the constitutionally guaranteed rights of free movement and political assembly.

“The rights to free movement and political assembly are fundamentally guaranteed by the Liberian constitution. The government will continue to ensure that these rights are protected at all times.

As the country moves closer to elections in December, the Justice Ministry assures the public that it is employing additional measures which will ensure security for all those engaging in political campaign activities,” the release under the signature of Information minister Eugene Nagbe.

The official car of Representative Kolubah bearing plate Rep. 36 was damaged in the process by the stone-throwing mob. At one point, according to sources, the violent mob appeared to have overwhelmed the few officers of the Liberia National Police who were posted at the scene to ensure calm and order.

In response, the Police began firing tear gas and discharging gunshots into the air to ward off the besieging mob but their effort proved insufficient to deter the rioters from besieging the hotel in which Representative Kolubah had spent the night.

According to eyewitnesses account, it took the intervention of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia AFL to rescue Representative Kolubah and ANC delegates including its political leader Alexander Cummings.

Representative Yekeh Kolubah has meanwhile accused key members of the Coalition for Democratic Change, especially Superintendent Kai Farley and Representative, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue, of masterminding what he termed “Partisans’ outburst” against his presence in the county.

But Representative Pennue at a press conference on the same day denied the allegation by Representative Kolubah and said the opposition is finding it difficult to get prominence in the county because he is a political weight that they cannot contend with.

Meanwhile, the Inter-religious Council of Liberia has strongly condemned the attacked and that “no Liberian should be denied free movement within Liberia regardless of tribe, gender, association, or county origin.”

Also, the Catholic Diocese of Cape Palmas, whose pastoral and administrative jurisdiction cover the five counties of the southeast of Liberia, has expressed grave concerns about the incident of intimidation and threats of violence by some residents of Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County against a political grouping of Liberians exercising its constitutional rights to free movement and peaceful assembly, which occurred on July 30, 2020.

In a statement issued in Monrovia Friday, the Cape Palmas Diocese described the attacks as a gross violation of the fundamental rights to free movement and peaceful assembly goes against the principle of political tolerance and peaceful co-existence despite differences of political association and ideology. “We have seen that when we become politically intolerant, we invite ourselves to breakdown and destroy, and undermine the foundations of Liberia’s peace, stability, and development,” the statement said.


  1. Another empty promise to the people of Liberia again from violence oriented situation. The government is still investigating the incident in district #13 because up to this date, no arrest was ever done and yes, our government is still investigating the political incident in district #15 that almost took the lives of Miss Urey and some of her supporters in Logan town, and as yet, no one was ever arrested again because, the police are still conducting their investigations to determined who to be arrested, giving that, there were videos of the situation to secured arrest, but they are still carrying on their investigation. This has become the pattern of this administration and this is just the beginning of what to expect in coming December 2020 senatorial election and presidential election in 2023. There will be no arrest in Zewdru and nothing is going to happened to anyone because, the investigation will continued to be conducted by the police until the case becomes a carton.

  2. If it is the right of Yekeh Kolubah to organize protests, block traffic, burn car tires, obstruct the Police in its constitutional duties, and prevent businesses from opening and the right of Alex Cummings to finance such operations, and he is referred to as “CRITIC OF GOVERNMENT”, it is very selfish and silly on the part of anyone to even think that others do not have rights to run such bastards out of town.

    That so called “critic” is lucky. Those his critics should have killed him, and then that traitor Alex Cummings who was financing him in his vandalism, would actually get the message. But we all know his CRITICS, they are very defiant. What can the probe do? Nothing! The fool is safe and sound, and the people has only criticized him out of their area. Who want such a bandit and lawbreaker in their area?

  3. Mr. Concerned world citizen, I supposed that’s why you are posting behind such name. Don’t hide yourself to throw stones. You think grand Gedeh county belongs to the folks of grand Gedeh alone? Don’t you know that, there are people from grand Gedeh residing in lofa county and happily earning living among Lofians? Lofa county and grand Gedeh county are subset of Liberia, meaning, every Liberian has the right to every county within Liberia.

    That’s how narrow minded you are by killing another Liberian because your view things differently which speaks volume about your intellectual understanding of complex crisis. Do you expect every Liberian to support president George Weah as president of Liberia? If this is your thought, you are actually standing at the margin of life. Is that your understanding of criticism? Criticism and violence are 2 different words and what occurred in Zwedru, is violence and stupidity at the highest level one can ever imagine about. Your name don’t represent your ideas. The world need peace and tolerance, and not violence. Let’s have a real conversation about this rather than nonsense because, this is how tribal war starts and we don’t need such in Liberia now after going through 14yrs of internal conflicts that took over 2 millions lives of innocent Liberians. Be ashamed of yourself for posting such a messed about killing your fellow Liberian, for reasons best known to you.

    • Mr. Joseph M Akoi, what’s the value of Yeke Kulabah compared to a sitting president?
      This man openly calls for the ambush of the president of the Republic of Liberia and do you feel that’s free speech?
      If Yeke wants to bring another Rwanda to Liberia by calling for the assassination of the president,, this time the Krahn people will have more support! And don’t forget, they are playing with the wrong people, the Kru tribe!

      If Yeke Kulabah wants to ignite a tribal war between the Lorna’s and the Krahn or the people of the southeast, let him bring it on!
      You are so silly believing that others should sit quietly while Yeke and stupid gay Cummings destroy this Country for their selfish ambition!

      Cummings overambitious quest for the presidency will never be funneled by the blood of wise Liberians, it’s only fools like your yourself!
      If Yeke is calling for the assassination of the president, there’s actually nothing wrong if he Yeke got assassinated and he will if he doesn’t desist!

  4. Joseph M. A koi

    How ironic “let’s have a real conversation about this rather than nonsense” sound when you lack an open mind, instead thrashing a probe intended to search for the truth about what actually happened. Yeah right, Uncle Joseph Boakai is rightfully resting after twelve long years as Vice President in time of plenty, yet a less than 3 yrs old government can’t get anything done right in your biased eyes.

    It is such boneheaded double standard by prejudiced bookish guys that continuously befuddle and mislead gullible people. The truth of the matter is that Hon. Yekeh Kolubah blatantly misuses free speech right and the dignity of his office. He repeatedly threatens violence, disturbs the public peace, and at one time instructed the public on how to easily ambush the presidential motorcade and killed President Weah.

    Anywhere else in West Africa, he would’ve been expelled. Faced with a situation where such a controversial character was part of a group touring the counties, the Security Sector should’ve been advised of concentration of intelligence assets with effective coordination to prepare for his protection. It happens in others countries, and NYPD prepares ‘heavily’ for unpopular national leaders attending the U.N. The government is right for including “security lapse” in the probe; stop prejudging any outcome to mislead others.

  5. Commenting with an iPhone has its downsides like forcing “killed” for kill in the paragraph dealing with the lecture of Hon Kolubah on how to ambush a presidential motorcade. Nobody is rationalizing or excusing mob violence, but the attack wouldn’t have happened had the Security Sector showed professionalism. What happened in Zwedru and the burning down of a police station in Kakata by a militant vigilante mob are all indicators of instability. Let’s equally condemn all acts of violence regardless of their source or reason.

  6. If “security sector´s professionalism” could always prevent attacks or provide absolute security, and not only due diligence, then neither the Viet Cong´s resistance nor the 911 Al Quaida would have succeeded; amid the sophisticated intelligence collection agencies and the Intelligence Coordination and Exploitation Program (ICEX) of the United States of America.

    Not to talk about the glaring irregularity on the part of the the guests – Cummings and that public nuisance Kolubah not demonstrating the common decency, courtesy and caution, of alerting their hosts within officialdom regarding at least their arrival or presence.

  7. Smith White is inciting hardcore’s statement on this platform on conspiracy theory which are tantamount to plunge this country back to it’s ugly past. Whatsoever it may be, inciting any form of violent is unhealthy for our hard won peace and shouldn’t be encouraged on this platform. However, I am not particular or selective in my judgment which I shouldn’t be held in contempt.

    In my own understanding security wise, typically in the Cpp nationwide tour or visitation, they has breached many security protocols. Even though the constitution gave the right to every citizens with so many enjoyable amenities such as freedom to travel, but decretionary measure should also be observed. Mr. Cummings and his entourage could have use their itenary to officially inform superintendents about their travel within their county in order to provide them security during their stay. Such action can also be exceptional because Liberia’s is a underprivileged country where gruesome crimes are not yet mature. But in other country as a prominent figure you can’t do such thing or else you would be risking your live as we can see in other countries where oppositions can mistakenly disappear or be killed instantly.

    The crime can happen n two ways;
    1. Criminals or bandits can seize prominent figure that may not have strong security backing for ramsom ; and
    2. The government or the opposition community can even get raid of you if they think you are favorable to win election.

    In all, violent is totally condemn and have no place in our society.

    • If calling for the assassination of president Weah is a democratic right of Yeke, then calling for Yeke head to roll is equally the Democratic rights of others.
      If Yeke Kulabah wants to become another Thomas Quiwonkpa to bring about another abortive invasion of the country, let Yeke must prepare to pay the price!
      But get this very clear, no opposition, not even Cummings, Boykai’s, Dillion, Kofi Woods, Commonly Wesseh, Jerome Verdier, and other instigators, will succeed to bring about an Interim government by, using Yeke Kulabah to bring about insurability!

      You should be condemning Yeke Kulabah for his nuisance and utterances that threatening the Peace than to stupidly spew out such foolishness!

  8. Mr. Smith white! You are labelling me as fool because I condemned someone that is calling for another Liberian to be killed, for having different views on issues? Probably, I might be a fool for doing so and you are the wise man that support the killing of your fellow Liberian in loyalty to the president of Liberia. The word “Criticism”and “violence” are 2 different words. What occurred in Zwedru is violence and not criticism. Hon. Kolubah has always criticize president Weah and never by violence. What is wrong with telling individual that act stupid, that they are stupid? Or labelling individual that steals that, they are thieves?

    Words are very powerful and can take a bite on anyone once used properly. Violence is totally what we don’t want in Liberia considering the past. if you wish, criticize anyone as you like and once there is no violence, crime has never be committed. You just insulted me by labelling me as a fool because of my support to the opposition. You see, this is your view about me and I totally get the point that, this is your view about me. When Yekeh insults president Weah, that’s his view about president Weah and he is entitle to it. If the people in Zwedru had insulted Hon Kolubah and Cummings, that was acceptable and that’s Normal But the throwing of stones and the violence was in appropriate and this is why many Liberians, including myself are condemning the acts of violence. Your are free to support such violence despite no one was killed but folks were injured and you support such act? That’s the difference between you and myself.

  9. Mr. Sylvester Gbayanforh Moses! There is nothing ironic about here unless that’s your understanding. Read my first post and violence acts committed in and around Monrovia, related to elections are still under investigation up to date. The violence at the capital building, where gangster blockade the entrance to the building and rejected the body of the late Adolf Lawrance to rest as a great statesman, as honour and respect to deceased family, is still under investigation and this is excatly what will happen again about what occurred in Zwedru. Yes, they are going to investigate as usual. You probably did not read my initial post and I am very anxious to get results from the past violence act in district 13 and 15 regarding those arrested and also awaiting the out come from what just took place in Zwedru. All I am saying is, this has become a systematic way of this administration, to sweep violence cases under the carpets without any form of punishment for those involved. By the way, if you already have the investigation reports from the LNP on those previous crisis, pls share with me.


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