‘God Will Expose Them’

"She was everything to me and our two children. Where do I start from, as I have built my life around her?" said Sylvester Lama, in tribute to his wife, Gifty.

-Says Sylvester Lamah, Husband of the late Victoria Asmah ‘Gifty’ Lamah

Sylvester Lama, husband to the late Victoria Gifty Asmah Lama, says his wife was murdered in cold blood by evil men because she stood up for the right thing.

Paying tribute to his deceased wife at the Church of Pentecost in Clara Town, Bushrod Island on Saturday, November 7, Lama said: “As a family, we have not accused anyone, but just as the blood of Abel cried out to God, so is my wife’s blood crying out to God and the doers will surely be exposed.”

“Without fear or favor, my wife was murdered. Those people murdered my wife in cold blood, but God will surely expose their wickedness,” he said repeatedly.

Clothed in black and surrounded by other family members during the funeral, Sylvester Lama said his wife Gifty was everything to him and their two children and depended on her so much. “She was everything to me and our two children. Where do I start from, as I have built my life around her?”

“But one thing we continue to say is that God is alive; whosoever that is involved, God Almighty will expose them as we grieve today,” he added.

Mr. Lama dispelled claims that his wife was in a love affair with Albert Peters who was found dead along with her in the back seat of Peters’ vehicle on October 2, 2020. Lama said that such speculations are based on falsehood and envy because of the progress he and his wife have made.

“I can put my life on the line for my wife’s character. The first and last man she ever met in her life was me, Sylvester Lama,” he said proudly.

Both Gifty Lama and Albert peters were employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), and their lifeless bodies were found in a parked vehicle on upper Broad Street in Central Monrovia on October 2, 2020.

With the Liberia National Police having already contaminated the crime scene since the first day, the Government of Liberia did an autopsy on the two bodies and others that followed, but the results are yet to be made public.

Prior to her death, Gifty worked at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) as a Manager in the Tax Services Division. She also served as an Internal Auditor for her church and acting youth leader of the Monrovia West District of the Church of Pentecost.

Later in 2014, Gifty was ordained as a deaconess in her church.

Christina Asmah, sister of the deceased, who paid tribute to Gifty on behalf of their family said: “Gifty, as a Research Assistant at the LRA, worked with a team in 2015 and 2016 using a strategy to fight fraud and recover a million dollars for the Liberian people following a prompt audit.”

She said Gifty had Liberia at heart, which she manifested in her workplace at the LRA through her commitment to her responsibility.

“She was noted to be workaholic, and on the day she left us, she said she was attending a meeting and from that meeting, we didn’t see her again,” she said.

According to her, the United States embassy near Monrovia wrote to their family saying, Gifty stood out among some of the promising young people in Liberia. “She brought knowledge, teamwork, and leadership to the program, and shared her experience and skills with one and all.”

Gifty was a 2019 Mandela Washington Fellow, a US Government-sponsored program.

“Gifty touched so many people, both Liberians and Americans. As a family, Gifty was our pride, in whom we felt something good can come from West Point, especially from a female”, said Christina Asmah.

Giving the funeral discourse, Apostle Massaboi Zuwu, head of the Church of Pentecost, said those evil men that killed Gifty and others will surely be exposed if they do not confess and give their life to Jesus.

Speaking on the theme, “God will work it out for our good,’ Zuwu said if truly the government is innocent, why are they holding onto the autopsy report?”

“Since one month six days now, no report. Police, where is the oath you took to protect lives and property? If you are so conscious of the oath you took; if you’re innocent, then why are you hiding the report or defending the killers?” he asked.

Quoting the book of Proverbs 6:16-19 in the Holy Bible, Apostle Zuwu said there are several things that God hates, one of which is lying.

“They killed them and lied. But you see, there is some evil you do and the more you try to cover it, the more you expose it,” he said.

The Pentecostal clergyman also dispelled that if the two persons had any sexual relation, he trousers would not have been somewhere else, while the lady remained well dressed.


  1. The name Mr. “Supreme” supposingly pop up in Slyvester Lama discussion with T. Max on the 50/50 radio talk show. Accordingly, Mr. Supreme was found, arrested, and in his pocession was Gifty Lama laptop, hand bag and cellphone. What has become of the interrogations is far from the facts because, Mr. Supreme is not collaborating with investigators. I am not in the legal profession but are they expecting Mr. Supreme to confessed to the crime before he can be charged or someone is not doing their job. In the discussions Mr. Slyvester Lama had with T. Max, Mr. Supreme name was mentioned, not by good faith but by error on the part of the killers. Mr. Supreme was in that house where Giffty and Albert were being killed and everything that was overheard from the telephone came to passed.

    Mr. Supreme is absolutely one of the killer and he knows the rest of the killers. It’s even more convincing to me now that, after key portion of Giffty personal belongings were found in Mr. Supreme cares, that speaks volume and signal red flags. As I said earlier, my area is not in the field of law but what will it takes for the LNP to charged Mr. Supreme? or why are they not charging him after such a damaging evidence found in his pocession? I am beginning to realized that, this case is more bigger than the police and won’t go further than this stage. All I can say now is, rest in peace Giffty and Mr. Peter. These killers has been exposed and it is up to the authorities in charged to do what’s necessary.

  2. God is the righteous Judge; for He said ‘vengeance is mine, I will repay’. NO SIN GOES UNPUNISHED!!!!!
    Go in peace, Gifty, your blood will surely cry to God.


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