‘God Is Not Punishing Liberia with Ebola’, Bethel Pastor Says, as Body of Christ Sets Three-day Fast and Prayer

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Bethel Cathedral senior pastor, Rev. Dr. M. Wolo Belleh, has differed with some views in the public that the outbreak of Ebola and its devastating  impact on Liberia is a punishment for sin that the country has committed.

Addressing a press conference on yesterday, Rev. Dr. Belleh indicated that Liberia is not the only country with Ebola, and the virus being a virus could spread in any way not in conformity with precautionary measures people need to take.

In response to the Ebola outbreak and its effects on the population, the Bethel Cathedral senior pastor, along with other Christians of different denominations, have come out with a three-day fast and prayer to be observed throughout country.

He said during such a time of crisis as this is when people draw closer to God.  The  declared fast and prayer is  expected to be observed from October 29, 30 and 31.  It will draw God’s attention to the plight of Liberians and other affected countries in the Mano River Union Basin.

A statement read on behalf of the Christian community indicates that the fast and prayer will be carried out in every county and will not at this time be a Monrovia based event.

According to the statement, the Christian community has constituted a task force that will organize churches and craft a plans to memorialize  health workers and those who have lost their lives through  contracting Ebola.

Regarding the frequent declaration of fast and prayer, the Bethel leader said one needs to continuously pray to ensure that God hears their plea until He acts.

The group says it is a command of God for His people to obey, and frequent prayer being a command from Him, they have to obey in totality.

The Christian community urges that just as the case was with Nineveh that the King and all other people in the land took days, fasted and prayed, so it is with Liberia that everyone in the land needs to take these three days to fast and pray from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Though Liberia was said to have been built on “Christian principle,” citizens have over the time complained about many evils, including homosexual and ritualistic  killing that keeps happening in the society.

Regarding the sin of the nation, the Christian group said the prayer will focus on repentance, worshipping, thanksgiving and asking God for His perfect Will to be done in Liberia.

Cognizant of the fact that the virus is spread through body contact, the group says the prayer will be done outdoor where people will not have any cause to come into close contact.


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