‘God Is Angry with Liberia’


More than 100 Bishops, Pastors, General Overseers, Prophets, Evangelists and other Ministers of the Gospel, under the auspices of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), converged Wednesday at the edifice of the St. Stephen Episcopal Church on 10th Street in Sinkor, Monrovia, to deliberate on the Church’s role in and response to the Ebola epidemic.

The meeting was called by Archbishop Jonathan B.B. Hart, President of the LCC, who was also recently elected and enthroned Archbishop of the Internal Province of West Africa.

At the meeting were mainstream church leaders such as Archbishop of the Catholic Church of Liberia, Lewis Zeiglier, first vice president of the LCC, Rt. Reverend Dr. Kortu Brown, as well as representatives of other Christian associations with whom the LCC collaborated in organizing the meeting.

The Pentecostal Fellowship Union of Liberia, Liberia Fellowship of Full Gospel Ministers, Association of Evangelicals of Liberia, Prophetic Call to Ministers, Christian Community in Liberia, Apostolic World Christian Fellowship, were all represented.

The meeting was expected to discuss and consider an enhanced spiritual response by the church in Liberia to the prevailing Ebola virus.

The men of God, meanstream Episcopalians and non-denominational evangelicals alike, unanimously endorsed the following resolution:

  • That God is angry with Liberia, and that Ebola is a plague. Liberians have to pray and seek God's forgiveness over the corruption and immoral acts (such as homosexualism, etc.) that continue to penetrate our society. As Christians, we must repent and seek God's forgiveness.
  •  That a three-day indoor fast and prayer across the nation be observed, commencing next Wednesday, August 6th, and concluding Friday, August 8th.
  • That an inter-denominational committee be constituted to present said resolution to government. 
  • That if government is in agreement, the Republic of Liberia be locked up for three days of fast and prayer. All movement should be restricted during those three days. People should stay at home for three days of silence, fasting and prayer.

Said committee plans to present its resolution to the Liberian leadership today, July 31st.

Relatedly, the  Roman Catholic faithful in Liberia, Wednesday ended a three-day prayer call made by Archbishop Lewis Jerome Zeigler, of the Catholic Archdiocese of Monrovia.

Last Sunday, Archbishop Zeigler in a Homily during Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Monrovia, called on all members of the Catholic Church in Liberia to observe three days of serious prayers, using the Holy Rosary for God’s intervention to bring remedy to the Ebola epidemic.

Rt. Rev. Zeigler urged Christians, especially Catholics, to knock on the door of God. “The Church has used faithful and truthful prayers to God for intervention in our lives in times of peace, war or famine. Let us not miss this opportunity to pray together and go to God in the spirit of humility and repentance,” he admonished Catholics.

The Catholic prelate warned that Liberia has a very heavy load to carry, and called on all Liberians to unitedly shoulder that burden.


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