‘Go Wait for 30 Days’

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Associate Justice Jamesetta Howard Wolokollie

– Supreme Court urges UP

The Supreme Court on Friday urged the ruling Unity Party to wait until November 23, which marks the end of the 30-day period as provided by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to hear and decide complaints arising from the October 10 presidential and legislative elections.

The court also denied UP’s request demanding the NEC to produce several documents that it believes would help the party to prove its case of alleged irregularities and fraud against the conduct of the October 10 elections.

UP, in its request, asked the court to demand the NEC to provide a copy of the Final Registration Roll (FRR) for the October 10 elections and copies of the addenda to the voter roll made at polling centers across the country.

It also asked for copies of the worksheet of the NEC presiding officer that was arrested in Electoral District #3 in Nimba County, allegedly with pre-marked ballots.

The ruling party also asked for records of the investigation conducted by the NEC on a staff at the office of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf allegedly arrested with a machine for printing Voter Registration Cards and other election materials at his New Georgia home.

Associate Justice Jamesetta Wolokollie, who delivered the court’s ruling, said Article 83 of the 1986 Constitution sets 30 days as the timeframe for authorities of the NEC to hear and make determination on election-related disputes.

“If this court was to set a specific day requested by the UP, it would be in violation of the constitution and the use of power not conferred upon this court by the sacred document,” Justice Wolokollie said.

She observed that there is no reason for holding the NEC in contempt “when it has not exceeded the time (30 days) given it under the constitution.”

However, Wolokollie said “the court reiterates its position that the NEC does not have to consume the entire 30 days before concluding in a given election matter.”

She added: “NEC should proceed expeditiously with the investigation of election disputes pending before it by recognizing the critical nature of the electoral cases and implementation on the governance of a nation.

“The court takes jurisdiction notice that indeed a ruling has been made by the Board of Commissioners of the NEC on the UP’s appeal before that Board as a subject of this request, which renders the matter moot,” Justice Wolokollie said.

Recently, the NEC accepted UP’s request to intervene on behalf of the opposition Liberty Party (LP) that is also seeking a rerun of the October 10 elections based on alleged irregularities and fraud.


  1. In my honest opinion, the Supreme Court is proceeding at a snail’s pace as it relates to resolving the political stalemate in Liberia. The Supreme Court intends to hear a voter fraud case on the 23rd of November which was filed by the UP and others almost two weeks ago.
    What needs to be understood here is that time is of the essence. There are approximately 2 months left before Johnson-Sirleaf passes on the presidential baton. Also, Christmas is around the corner. With the speed of a snail at which the Supreme Court proceeds, the question is what time is left for Boakai and Weah to reboot their respective campaigns.
    What is also a humongous puzzle is whether international observers will be asked to return to observe another election. Assuming that the next election is held without cheating, what time will the nominee have to put together a good team of government employees?
    Liberia is in a mess. What could disentangle us from the dragnet that we find ourselves in?

  2. Suggested that all observers, as the ex-Ambassador to Liberia, Thomas Greenfield, seize interference in the internal affairs of Liberia. Her comments is not constitutional directed and the fact that she feels that there is a “problem today”, “Let Liberians own” depicts her impression that percentages presented by NEC or complaints from parties make Liberia to need more that one leader. To me, this is not diplomatic. The United States present administration’s position on Liberia is not for a particular group or person as was when she served in Liberia as Ambassador. No matter how Greenfield thinks she knows Liberia, she will never know this culture as Liberians know it. She did condone an incumbent 34% registration voters leadership brought forth and could not, cannot see that 57% silent register voters did win the Presidential power of the last term. Regardless UNMIL, and other organizations intended peace efforts, some came for self interest or piece. We do not encourage her prediction of a difficult transition because this might cite confusion toward United states electors process that is not Liberian. If this present Under secretary United States of American Foreign State Department has some reservations to bring from the American people, to Liberians, Linda, she should wait until the Liberian Constitution ignites its electoral activities. We have our own jurisprudence, no matter what you may think about the three branches of the Liberian government our forefathers, founders left in our interest. Concupiscence within and out caused Liberia’s past conflicts. We do not need any war again in this nation. We will handle a count actually factually toward the next destiny we have. We will no longer be called arrogant, when we are not, by any solidarity that may or may not know the owners of the Republic of Liberia. We will handle our own freedom of choice given with constitutional time. Wait for God’s Time. Tell Liberians.
    Gone to silence Majority. DO NOT Rely this box.

  3. Her comments are bias. Constitutional spying on Liberians time jurisprudence.
    Gone to palm butter and fufu in silence. Not invited.
    Do not reply.

  4. See how Liberia’s democracy was made to work. This country’s re instituted Supreme statutory and traditional laws of election now under its highest interpretational bench, not active for decades because of external circumstances. A secret heritage no other state can tamper with. In few hours the world will be told. The Liberian people will make their own choice. Wait for our constitutional time.
    Gone finally to 57% in silence. Do not reply this box.


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