Global Shapers Monrovia-Hub Embarks on Ebola Outreach Campaign

Ms. Myers, curator-Monrovia Hub_web.jpg

Though some people still doubt that the deadly Ebola virus is ravaging lives, Global Shapers Community-Monrovia Hub on Thursday, August, 14, embarked on a door-to-door massive Ebola educational and outreach campaign in the Lakpazee Community.

Miss Gwendolyn Myers, Curator-Monrovia Hub, who spoke with our reporter in an exclusive interview, said the aimed of the campaign was to educate people about the Ebola virus disease and how they can work collectively to stop the spreading of the virus.

According to her, as a shaper, she wants to ensure that people are well informed and educated on the virus.

Ms. Myer said the Global Shapers Monrovia hub did not only provide massive education for people but also donated Water Guide to Daqmow Clinic in the Lakpazee Community.

“We are going to make sure that we kick this disease out of Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria,” she assured.

She said some of people are still in the state of denial because people were reaching them with the necessary pieces of information and educational materials on the prevention of the virus.

She promised that she would do all she can to have as many people informed about the virus and those things they would need to do to prevent themselves from contracting the disease, which kills up to 90 percent of its victims, according to WHO.

Ms. Myers used the occasion to call on her fellow curators in nations affected by the Ebola outbreak to rebrand their strategies more toward adequately informing their population about the danger of the disease in West Africa.

The Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum is a network of local hubs led by young people, who are exceptionally working for change in order to make impact in their communities and the world.


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