Giving CDC a Taste of Its Own Medicine…

CDC Standard bearer George M. Weah

The senatorial bid of Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) political leader, George Oppong Weah, for October midterm-election, Thursday, April 24, received news of what could amount to a political setback. Grand Gedeans, under the banner of the County’s Intellectual Student Association, (GGISA) called on their compatriots not to vote for Weah.

“Today, we are pleased to let the Liberian people know that the Grand Gedeh Intellectual Student Association (GGISA), an organization of over 2,000 intelligent students—albeit, critical thinkers—from various institutions in Liberia,  are disappointed and have become discouraged by Mr. Weah’s and the CDC’s ingratitude shown the people of Grand Gedeh,” the statement said.

Thursday’s GGISA statement was signed by the national secretary-general, Isaac G. Kai and the president, Stephen Y. Queeh.  

GGISA made reference to the 2005 general and presidential elections, (October 11) in which 95 percent of the peace-loving people of Grand Gedeh’s 50,000-plus registered voters in the county voted CDC in the first round of the election, from while Unity Party (UP) received about only 800 votes.

And during the run-off election (November 8, 2005), CDC also got its highest votes from Grand Gedeh County.

According to the GGISA leadership, in October, 2011, “again during the general and presidential elections, the people of Grand Gedeh expressed the same political preference for Cllr. A. Winston Tubman, and George M. Weah, enabling CDC to once again capture the highest number of votes.

Again, in support of Ambassador Weah, Grand Gedeans disregarded their own son, James K. Chelley—a presidential candidate, and voted for the CDC.

“Fellows Grand Gedeans and the Liberian people, the GGISA wants to communicate to you and the world that, without favor and fear, we encourage all Grand Gedeans to vote in a candidate of their choice, and ignore the George Weah camp.

Under the same breath, we suggest you forget CDC and company during the approaching mid-term senatorial election.

We also warn any well-meaning Grand Gedeans, who have the ambition to contest the mid-term election, not to run on the ticket of the CDC. Fail to respond to this clarion call and you risk your political career,” the statement declared.

This decision, according to the GGISA leadership, “was unanimously adopted by a cross-section of students from the county, as well as those from high schools, community colleges, universities, and graduate schools.

The CDC has not reacted so far because when this paper contacted its political leadership, the leadership promised first to review, and digest the contents of the statement.


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