‘Giving Back Political, Economic Power to Ordinary Masses’


A group of concerned Liberians in the Diaspora under the banner, Grassroots Alternative Movement for Economic Freedom (GAME-F), has launched its platform to help fight for a people-centered and corrupt-free representation at all levels of national leadership, and stand up for justice for the impoverished Liberians.

GAME-F is a grassroots based ideological, political and social justice movement established to give back political and economic powers to ordinary masses.

To achieve their vision for a vibrant Liberian economy, the group has outlined several principles that will govern their movement to establish and sustain an economically transformative society that is based on hard work and discipline, and that exist for the purpose of creating conditions of prosperity and equitable distribution of wealth of the Liberian nation; to attain economic and political power and return said power to the poor and impoverished people of Liberia; to participate and build a cohesive political and economic partnership for a One Africa Movement; to relentlessly and unapologetically oppose ills and vices within the Liberian society, including corruption, nepotism, tribalism, sectionalism, regionalism, political and cultural intolerance.

GAME-F has also proclaimed that they carry a vessel of ideas crafted by brave and intelligent minds and, therefore, no one “shall ever retreat from the battles of ideas.” They also promise to fight fiercely against all forms of social and political injustices in the country.

The minds behind the movement are young Liberians, including Vandalark R. Patricks, Laraamand S. Nyonton, Ansony Sieh, and Satta Sedi. These individuals, who represent the Central Administrative Council (CAC), will work hand-in-hand with the council representatives of Liberia, George Commanbine, Samuel Sankara Johnson, Gordon Nyuma Harris and Dr. Emmannuel Urey.


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