GiveDirectly: Educational Stipends for 12th Graders Writing the WASSCE Exam


USAID Liberia clarifies issue about “one-time” payout

GiveDirectly, the international non-profit organization, which is implementing the USAID
funded cash transfer program for 12th graders has reaffirmed that all eligible 12th graders
sitting the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) in Liberia will
receive $50 dollars (LD10,000) to help them cover the cost of transportation to school as
well as their daily food and other basic needs during the national exams.

The statement, authorized by the Country Director and Chief of Party of GiveDirectly
Liberia, Namita Desai, said eligible students who have enrolled online for the program are now receiving their first payments of LD5,000, and can expect the second payment of LD 5,000 next week.

Information about how to enroll online for the stipends can be found on the website of
GiveDirectly at, and also on the Facebook page of the Ministry of
Education at

The Ministry of Education is in no way involved in the distribution of the stipends, the GiveDirectly statement said.

USAID’s COVID-19 educational stipend program is one of many the United States Government
assistance programs provided by the U.S. Mission in Liberia to support education and
training of Liberians and promote workforce readiness.

Meanwhile, USAID Liberia has also clarified that the “one-time payment” it spoke about was not referring to the manner in which the US$50 per student would be disbursed by GiveDirectly. Instead, USAID said, the total amount of US$2 million assigned to GiveDirectly to disburse was a one-time grant assistance for students and that said grant would not be repeated next year.


  1. Kpaldeah Gubely has not received his stipend yet. He entered his information since Thursday last week August 27, 2020. This is a follow-up.

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