Give No Second Chance for ‘Corrupt Officials’ in New Gov’t

Mr. Aidoo: "We're faced with logistical constrain."

IREDD Warns President-elect; wants fast track economic crimes court

A Civil Society Organization (CSO) has warned President-elect George M. Weah to not give second chances to former or current officials or any Liberians, who have been indicted, convicted or are perceived to be corrupt.

The Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) said those who betrayed the people’s trust by using their offices in criminal ways, placing personal gain above the public interest, must not be re-appointed to serve.

IREDD executive director, Harold M. Aidoo, speaking in Monrovia yesterday said the expectations of many Liberians are improved health care, quality education, access to basic social services for all as well as the institution of social justice and rooting out corruption.

“As your government prepares to take over after January 22, 2018, the IREDD wishes to draw your attention to a number of key policy issues, … including to not allow officials of government who have caused significant financial loss and perpetuated economic crimes against the state to go with impunity,” Mr. Aidoo said.

He added, “The President (Weah) must demonstrate his commitment and seriousness to fight against corruption by setting up a fast track economic crimes court to try officials of government and all individuals who have allegedly embezzled state funds, committed economic crimes and caused financial loss to the state of Liberia.”

President and Vice President elect George M. Weah and Jewel Howard Taylor pledging and preparing to take tough decisions and meet high expectations

Mr. Aidoo further said that IREDD will be tracking the first 100 days deliverables of the new government and indeed looking forward to working with the officials of the new government.

Though the IREDD boss did not name those who should not be given second chances in the new CDC-led Government, there is speculation that former House Speaker Alex Tyler could be one of those unnamed officials. Tyler’s  Liberia People’s Democratic Party is however, a member of the Coalition that provided crucial support to clinch victory for the CDC.

In a related development, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the  Legislature has also submitted its findings to the President on the prosecution of several officials and over 50 names have been released by the Special Presidential Task Force.

Meanwhile, IREDD has frowned on outgoing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for recalling members of the 53rd Legislature to work on bills which she has submitted for passage, noting that the time allotted is much too short for lawmakers to do sufficient due diligence to pass such bills.

“We, unequivocally wish to state that this move is hasty, does not afford members of the Legislature ample time to review these pieces of legislation to ensure due diligence, and there is absolutely no rush for members of the Legislature to pass them before the expiration of the tenure of the President and her administration,” Mr. Aidoo said.

“In that vein, IREDD calls on all members of the 53rd Legislature not to rush with the passage of these legislative instruments, adding that our country is not going to come to a halt if you do not pass these pieces of legislation,” he added.

“Please take your time,” IREDD cautioned.

With four days to the elections of the Speaker and Pro Tempore, IREDD has urged members of the House of Representatives to elect leaders with integrity, fortitude, strong character and above all, individuals who can make independent judgment and stand up for the rights of Liberians.

“We also wish to urge particularly the leadership of the House of Representatives to review and reform its Standing Rules to conform to Open Parliamentary Principles of Transparency and Accountability,” Aidoo said.

IREDD has also disclosed  that it will be working with the National Democratic Institute on orientation of new members and will continue its Legislative Monitoring Initiative.


  1. I totally support the statement by Harold M. Aidoo , regarding the timing of these Bills from President Johnson, for debates at this time. I believe The House of Representatives Selection Committee and the Senate Selection of Bills Committee if applicable should routinely consider whether bills should be referred to committees for inquiry. In this case, these committees, should be able to make a statement and let the executive understand why and when such bills could be debated.

  2. That’s right! Don’t give a second chance to all who were appointed to middle to high level government positions. The only proviso; if the former employees are civil servant employees, they should be allowed to continue to serve. On the other hand, if they are well-experienced and qualified, I’d say give them the opportunity to serve in middle to high level government positions.
    Most of the Ministries of Liberia, if not all of them, need a complete revamp. The Ministry of Labor validates my point. Here’s why. Every knowledgeable person as well as a street person knows that there’s chronic unemployment in Liberia. While that is a known fact, the Labor Ministry has never shown one statistic of how many people get hired in a month’s time.

  3. Mr. Aidoo, you made my day. I really like your points. Hey brother, the developed countries on earth have less corruption and they do PUNISH corrupt officials. In our country, we don’t penalize people who steal from the government. People openly use stolen money in the country for personal projects. And we call them rich people. Are there real self-made millionaires in Liberia?

    Counties like Nimba that have the resources have been bearing the brunt for ages. Our leaders and the people need to speak out. Do something about corruption or we vote you out!! I hope the new president will turn around and look at his shoulders before deciding. There are certainly old wines on every side of his shoulders. The good thing now is that Liberians are awake than ever. The choice is his to either deliver or join the team. I hope he doesn’t join the team because his supporters will be very disappointed.

  4. Quoting Mr. Harold M. Aidoo of IREDD: “As your government prepares to take over
    after January 22, 2018, the IREDD wishes to draw your attention to a number of
    key policy issues, …. including to [not allow officials of government who have caused
    significant financial losses and perpetuated economic crimes against the state to
    go with impunity.”]

    (1) Thomas Gbojueh: “I totally support the statement by Harold M. Aidoo.”
    (2) J ——————-: “That is right. Don’t give a second chance.”
    (3) Vini Guva A. Sahn: “Mr. Aidoo, you made my day!”
    I am sure any other comments forthcoming will agree and support Mr. Aidoo.

    But, I have questions to ask; Will also apply and include President Ellen
    Johnson-Sirleaf? And, will George Manneh Weah listen to all of you and comply?

    I think, I wish I am proven wrong, that Liberians are going to witness the first
    major corruption in the CDC Administration. And it is, the President-Elect is going
    to grant Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf immunity! What is wrong with that is, that as former
    President, she does not need hand over immunity. A former President live according
    to how he or she managed the affairs of people while in office. Immunity is sought
    only when that man or woman had done serious wrong while in office. But, even if
    a former President asks for immunity, then the new leader must know not to give
    the immunity. In this case, if Mr. George Weah will listen to Mr. Harold M. Aidoo and
    the Liberian people “not to allow officials of Government who have caused significant
    financial losses and perpetuated economic crimes against the state go with impunity.”

  5. No Doubt! CORRUPTION have become a top topic in today’s Liberia. Thank God; we[Liberians] have come to realize what’s doing the most harms to Liberia’s Economy. You bet! if not totally eradicated, CORRUPTION will be curbed in Liberia and the Lone Star will rise and shine brighter; than ever before. The fight against CORRUPTION should not be limited, to Government. It should be Nation Wide. Clamp Down hard; on Diamonds and Gold SMUGGLERS and the many others, who involve in practices that ruin the Liberian Economy.


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