‘Give Better Pay to Traditional Leaders’


“Since educated Liberians are paid thousands of dollars for working for the government, traditional leaders, representing owners of the land, must also be paid better wages.”

That was the recommendation of the newly appointed Dey Governor ‘Faizan’ Joseph J. Brown in statement after his appointment ceremony in Brewerville last Saturday.

Faizan Brown said it is important for the Liberian government to increase the salaries of traditional leaders.

“These are the people who represent their people and ensure that the government achieves its many goals,” he said.

Faizan Brown, one of Liberia’s youngest governors, explained that it makes sense to argue since educated Liberians in the employ of government receive huge salaries and other benefits their traditional counterparts must also be well paid, with additional benefits.

He assured a gathering of his Dey kinsmen that with his new title, he would work with the Liberian government to ensure that they receive their just benefits as representatives of the people.

He used the occasion to call on Dey citizens to uphold the Liberian Constitution and must respect the rule of law.

“I want employers with Dey citizens to implement the country’s Labor Laws so that not only Deys but all Liberians can be protected,” he stated.

Mama Dukuly, paramount chief of Deygbo Chiefdom said the Dey Tribal Council decided to appoint Mr. Brown to the position because of his interest to help his people and also because Mr. Blama Gaye, who has held the position for the last couple of years had been sick and unable to continue his duties.

He said the title ‘Faizan’ means Mr. Brown is a member of the Supreme Poro Chiefs of the Dey people.

“We want you to go to the government and let the people know that we are suffering and our salaries must be released to us,” he told Faizan Brown.

He explained the appointment of Faizan Brown to the position as ‘acting governor’ does not have any political overtones.

“We want to make this clear,” Chief Dukuly said, “and this is the decision of the Supreme Council of the Dey people.”

Witnesses at the occasion included Clan Chief Boakai Fofana, Clan Chief John Q. Kamara, Clan Chief Varney Rain, Deputy Governor Momo Dorley, Provost Marshal to the Governor, Moses Kiazulu and Town Chief Dennis Musa, among others.

Faizan Brown, 32, was born in Kpor Po-River. In September 25, 2015 he was crowned by representatives of the 16 tribes, with 15 governors from the country present, for his invaluable contribution to the development of traditional leadership and to the country.

Faizan Brown served for five years as director of Cyber Crimes at the Ministry of National Security without a salary. He also served with U.S. forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and was honored by the White House for heroic combat duties.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a BSc in Political Science from the Strayer University in Washington, DC, USA.


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