Woman Sets Boyfriend’s House Ablaze

The burnt building

Mother-in-law dies extinguishing the flames

Police in Gbarnga, Bong County have launched a cordon search for a woman identified as Janes Joe for allegedly setting her boyfriend’s three bedroom house on fire.

According to police accounts, the incident occurred on Tuesday night September 12, in the Rubber Factory Community in Gbarnga.

Police records reveal that the boyfriend’s mother, Korpo Jallah, died in the fire when she tried to extinguish it.

“Korpo Jallah met her demise when she attempted to remove the generator that was supplying the house with electricity. She touched a bare wire and was electrocuted; that is how she died in the process” the Commander of the Crime Services Division of the LNP Bong County Detachment Inspector John Kelenso Flomo told this paper.

Police investigations established that Ciapha Torlah, Janes Joe’s boyfriend, a local gasoline dealer, reportedly went into another community in Gbarnga to supply petroleum to some local dealers when his fiancée, Janes Joe, who claimed that he had gone to an escort (commercial sex worker), in a jealous rage, without a phone call to the boyfriend or any inquiry, set the entire house on fire.

Torlah told our reporter that he lost over US$6,000 valuables apart from the house and the loss of his mother.

“If only my mother would have survived from the fire, but I lost her and my house. What a wicked and ferocious behavior,” Torla said shaking his head with tears streaming down his face.

Ciapha told this paper that his fiancée has persistently accused him of having outside relationships which claim he said he has repeatedly denied. I always let my girlfriend know that I am a petty gasoline dealer and I supply my friends with the product but she has never listened to me, he added.

“My mother has been my backbone in terms of my business. I don’t have problems with materials lost, but my mother who died young at 49, what am I going to get from this?” Ciapha asked, breaking down in tears.

He told this reporter that he and Janes Joe have lived together for a couple of years and they planned to get married but were advised to attend counseling classes in the church ahead of the wedding, although he did not say when the marriage was scheduled to take place.

This latest incident has sparked mixed reactions among Gbarnga residents with many describing the woman as envious and not having the fear of God, while others are reminding the boyfriend not to venture back into the relationship.

Community members, who rushed to the scene to fight the fire, could not extinguish it because of the intense flames from the generator and other flammable  items in the house.


  1. Sorry my dear brother for the loss of your mother first and the house. I am very puzzled at your spouse for what she did to you. This is very sad Liberia. Please try to investigate before you take action against people especially your spouse. I guess she is regretting what has happened. It wasn’t love for you to put your very spouse’s house on fire. I am feeling this story in my bones because it is not an easy task to build a house in Liberia. I took more than 3 years to finish my house spending everything worked during those years. sad sad……..


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