Girl with Bloated Eye Dying Slowly

The condition of Venus' eye is deteriorating and so, someone should please help.

Parents appeal for help

An eighteen-year-old Ms. Venus P. Kollie, who has developed a growth in her right eye, is reportedly dying slowing, because her parents do not have any means of raising the required amount of money to help her get advanced medical treatment abroad, Jonathan Paye-Layleh, a Liberian journalist, has informed the Daily Observer.

According to Paye-Layleh, Venus’s biological parents lack the required finance to address the case of this young promising lady and find some solution to her growing visual impediment that threatens her future.

Venus lives with her mother in Tuan Town, just 10 to 15 minutes drive from Bentol City, in Montserrado County. The last of her mother’s five children, she was born with a conspicuously bloated right eye which, she says, all major eye clinics in Monrovia have failed to correct.

She is an 11th grade student of Hope International Academy on the road leading from Bentol to Todee. She has been hoping against hope that one day some help will come, but her expectation seems to be eroding, with her condition deteriorating to her near death.

“I was deeply touched when I saw Venus with her mother (pictured in the background, left) recently in Tuan Town, and I thought to help tell her story in the media,” says Paye-Layleh.

He said the 18-year-old is in search of help to solve her eye problem that has been recommended for an overseas attention.

Paye-Layleh added, “Venus loves reading Biology, and hopes to enter the medical field someday to be able to help save lives after completing her medical study. But this dream could be thwarted if her eye is not taken care of.”

Even though Venus and her mother say all major eye clinics in Monrovia have failed to address her condition, if there are eye treatment centers that want to look into her situation closely, please call her on cell numbers: 0880731782/0775467761.

According to Journalist Paye-Layleh, getting help for this teenager, a female student for that matter, “would be one of the greatest things that could ever happen in my life as a media person.”

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