Girl Scouts Build Courage, Confidence, Character

The Military Assistant to the Chief of State of the Armed Forces of Liberia, Col. Roland T-Bai Murphy

-AFL Colonel tells new members of the Liberia Girls Guides Association (LGGA)

The Military Assistant to the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) on Sunday, February 17, 2019, admonished students who have been trained as guiders of the Liberia Girls Guides Association (LGGA) to see their recruitment as a way of helping them to build courage, confidence and character to achieve their dreams.

Colonel Roland T-Bai Murphy said it is because scouting is one of the most prominent value-based youth development organizations in the world.

“The programs the scouts are engaged in provide them the opportunities to learn about citizenship, build character, take on responsibilities, expand their horizons, develop personal fitness and have fun with their peers,” Col. Murphy during his inspirational speech at the Investiture Program for Guiders.

New recruits of the Liberia Girls Guides Association

An investiture ceremony welcomes all new members to Girl Scouts and allows them to reflect on the ideals of the Girl Scout Movement and the empowering journey of girls.

The students were drawn from three schools, the Aware International School, Jones Christian Academy and Star Baptist School in Paynesville.

Murphy, who spoke in the auditorium of the Aware International School, reminded parents and school administrators that “helping our youth partake in scouting is a key to building a more conscientious, productive and responsible society.“

He reminded the kids that joining the movement would give them opportunities to meet up with scouts of all ages to learn about their dedication to self-discipline in whatever professional careers they would pursue.

“You have to be passionate about the program and serve as an ambassador to the school, the community and your colleagues,” he said.

He, meanwhile, praised the authority of the LGCA and the school for recruiting girls for the opportunity. Receiving her new members, LGGA Chief Commissioner, Tonieh A-Talery-Wiles welcomed the students to what she considered as sisterhood.

Commissioner Wiles said the sisterhood would help to make them productive citizens and also give them the opportunity to be dutiful and responsible people.

“This movement will provide you with the opportunity to recover your full potential and become responsible citizens in the community, the school and the world,” Wiles emphasized. “You will have the opportunity to travel and share your many experiences.”


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