Girl, 3, Goes Blind

Family appeals for treatment


By Marcus Malayea in Gbarnga City, Bong County

The family of three-year old Benetta Favor Jaimah is appealing to well-meaning Liberians, the Chinese and American embassies, and philanthropists to help their daughter seek advanced treatment abroad.

According to Benetta’s parents, medical doctors in Liberia including an Indian specialist assigned at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital have informed them that their daughter developed “pressure in the eyes.”

Pastor James V. W. Jaimah and his wife, Somee, told the Daily Observer that their daughter was afflicted by the condition when she was three months old.

“We have taken her to the Duside Hospital in Firestone, the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita, and John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, but there has been no improvement. Doctors have advised us to take her out of the country, preferably to Europe, America or Asia, specifically to India,” Mr. Jaimah explained in tears.

His family has become increasingly distressed as a result of the girl’s condition, he added.

Pastor Jaimah and his wife said they are only looking up to God’s intervention, “because we don’t have the money to send our daughter abroad for advanced treatment as recommended by medical doctors in the country.”

When the Daily Observer visited the family’s residence in the Phebe Community last Wednesday, Benetta was toying with a pack of cool aid while her father explained her ordeal.

“Her eyes appear a bit darker and watery,” Pastor Jaimah pointed out.

“This child was born without any complications, but after three months, we saw her eyes just turn blue. From that time up to today, we have taken her from hospital to hospital in this country, but to no avail.”

The parents can be contacted via the following mobile numbers: (+231)-886-817-724/886-898-663/775-038-165.


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