Girl, 20, Dies in Police Cell

GIRL, 20,Comfort Zaizay.jpg

Victoria Zaizay, 20, of Brewerville yesterday morning hanged herself in detention at Zone 6 Depot 1 and was pronounced dead when she was rushed to a nearby clinic in the community, police confirmed to the Daily Observer.

She was detained for ‘disorderly conduct,’ a source at Depot 1 said.

Family members said the late Zaizay was detained when she and another lady reportedly fought over wasted milk candy valued at L$1,500 for which the depot commander insisted that she spend the night in Depot 1 police cell in Brewerville, near Hotel Africa Road.

“We don’t believe that this girl hanged herself because she has people to take care of her and nothing could have allowed her to do such a thing,” a family member said.

Another relative, Sarah Nagbe, said it could not have been possible for Victoria to have killed herself, considering the height of the ceiling of her cell, which is very low.

Nagbe challenged a police report that the deceased hanged herself on the cell’s door with her lappa, describing it as, “unacceptable to the family.”

The deceased is survived by a three-year-old daughter, family sources said.

Victoria’s mother Comfort Zaizay, 42, expressed disappointment at the LNP claiming that “police officers (adamantly) refused to let my daughter go home and report in the morning, as I requested.”

She said she was distraught to be informed by police the next morning that her daughter hanged herself and was dead.

She said, “For the police to come with a neighbor early this morning at my house to say my daughter used a piece of her lappa to hang herself last night and was rushed to a hospital where she was pronounced dead is not fair to me.”

“I had appealed to the depot commander to allow me to take my daughter home to bring her the next day, but he refused,” she said.

Madam Zaizay said the girl who was involved in the case wanted her daughter to pay L$3,000 as the cost of the milk candy that was wasted during their fight.

“When the case was taken to the police depot, I informed the commander that I would handle the situation and return with my daughter the next day. The commander refused and the next morning he told me that my daughter had died in her cell,” she said.

Meanwhile, a police source acknowledged the death of the girl, promising to investigate what might have happened, along with police officers who were on duty when the incident took place.


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