Girl 10, Abandoned by Ebola Outbreak


A 10-year-old child, on  whom we previously did a story on about her unfortunate involvement with a Sande Bush, has been orphaned.

In the early hours of September 30, 2014, Blessing, a name we chose for her, awoke to the dead body of her single mother whom we will identify as Blessing’s ma.

According to neighbors who knew the family, the mother single handedly raised Blessing along with a four year old grandchild.

Both children are now homeless, abandoned and were recently spotted sitting in front of the doorstep of a woman who featured Blessing in a unreleased film; a film that was based on a true story.

“ I don’t know what killed the children’s mother. We placed them in a empty room until the 21-day period required in suspected Ebola cases, may be completed,”  added the junior filmmaker who asked not to be identified.

Blessing has had a troubling experience in the last year of her young life. Everyday she cries bitterly when she’s reminded that her mother lies among the dead now.

“ I just want my ma,” the child repeatedly murmurs when sympathizers console  her.

Blessing’s agony didn’t just begin.  Back in June 2014; she was allegedly kidnapped by a group of women who she says belonged to a Sande Bush.

“My mother sent me with a plastic bag and said I should go and call one man. When I went to call the man and was standing up, that’s how one girl called me to her. That’s when I went to her, and they caught me,” the child narrated in a previous story tilted “They Cut It And Put The Leaf There”

According to Blessing’s mother, who was questioned on the child’s abduction, the late woman said in the same story,

“Children younger than Blessing were there because that’s culture and our own thing. I didn’t put her there though. It happened by mistake, I didn’t have anything to do with it; you can ask the people there. It’s herself that put herself inside. The people were beating drum and dancing and she went there. I paid everything to get her out, and it’s my money I’m trying to put back by selling doughnuts now,” she added.

Furthermore, blessing narrated a sad practice that many girls and women are said to go through in many parts of Africa, even during the Ebola outbreak.

“I mainly washed dishes, but when I first got there, they cut me. The time they grabbed me, we were three, my friends, and me we were all crying. They closed my eye with a head tie; they cut it and put the leaf there. They mashed the green leaf and did it like this (she demonstrated) and it dried the sore, the thing they cut from me was inside a pan, I couldn’t use the bathroom, and there’s nothing there now. Since they moved it, I feel different but the sore is better now,” Blessing boldly explained.

Meanwhile, some concerned neighbors cried foul and the media and Ministry of Gender and Development were contacted.

According to Meima Sirleaf Karneh, Assistant Minister for Research and Technical Services at the Ministry of Gender and Development, the reality behind many issues facing children and the Sande Bush does exist.

“The Sande should be several miles from the city centers. Sande  schools are not supposed to be around residential areas. They should be far away, at least 25 miles. They should be far away from areas where people can’t hear the drums, especially children who want to see what’s happening there. So that’s why we said they should be far away from residential areas so that you will not just grab somebody’s child, and then say the person was spying,” she emphasized.

As a result of the publication of “They Cut It And Put The leaf There,” the Sande Bush was allegedly ordered by the Commissioner of Caldwell Alexine Howard to be removed or pushed back according to law.

Meanwhile, Blessing’s problems still live on; she has been faced with a reality that no child her age should have to deal with; her mother is gone.

“Due to lack of money and medical attention, Blessing’s mother laid in her room for two weeks complaining of arthritis and headaches. Many neighbors assisted with drugs that seemed not to be the right prescription, and as a result, she lost her life,” stated the landlady where the body was discovered.

Therefore, the woman was buried after the Ebola team was consulted and had assessed her body to make sure Ebola was not the cause of death.

“Being that she was Muslim, we assessed the body and saw no reason to allow them to bury her body,” stated an Ebola team bearing the number 0886539966.

Blessing has no voice and has asked that the media get involved to help relocate her and her Four  year-old niece. Presently she is being housed in the Caldwell community, and has hopes of one day telling her story in a movie that’s she has undying passion of starring in.

Anyone wanting to help is asked to notify the Daily Observer newspaper at 0775915175, or 0777472772, or 0886472772.

The public is asked to pray for these unprotected children who have no adult supervision.  It is hoped that some caring individuals or groups will see the need to reach out to them and take them in.


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