Gibraltar Community Academy Abandoned by Teachers

Gibralta Community Academy

School administration calls on President Weah to intervene

By Foday M. Kawah

The administration of the Gibraltar Community Academy, located on the Bushrod Island has called on the Government of Liberia to quickly intervene in the maintenance and sustainability of the institution.

The institution established in 2003 by President George Manneh Weah, who was then a UNICEF Peace Ambassador, is encountering a major financial setback to operate smoothly.  President Weah himself grew up in this slum community of Gibratar before becoming a world famous footballer-turned-politician.

According to Mr. Arthur N. Dormoh, Principal of the Gibraltar Community Academy, the institution has started facing financial difficulties even at the time President George M. Weah along with First Lady Clar M. Weah visited the school in April, 2018.

Gibralta Community Academy

According to him, when President Weah and his wife visited the school, he informed the administration that his wife would take full sponsorship of the school. Based on such pronouncement, the dwellers of the community including those whose children were attending the school, felt that their suffering was over.

Furthermore, the people hoped that the communication sent to the Ministry of Education by the community elders and other founders of the school, in consultation with the President, for the school to fully operate under the Ministry of Education, would be fruitful.

Upon receiving the communication, a communication was sent back from the Ministry of Education to the community on December 27, 2018, acknowledging the people of the community of receiving their communication and acceptance.

In addition, a turning over program was held in April 2019, officially turning the school over from a private institution to a public school. The turning-over ceremony was attended by delegates from the Ministry of Education, including the Montserrado County Education Officer (CEO), the District Education Officer (DEO), office of the Township Commissioner and dwellers of the community.

Mr. Dormoh noted that since that turning over ceremony, the Ministry has failed to meet up with their commitments in terms of paying teachers’ salaries and providing materials to maintain the school. He also added that due to the failure of the Ministry to meet up with its commitments, teachers are abandoning the classroom, leaving students vulnerable on campus and parents have refused to pay even the registration fees.

Also speaking, student Seidia Hawa Kromah, of the seventh grade class, called on the national government to speedily intervene in the situation to rescue the school in order to build their future.


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