GHIMS Graduates Challenged to be Change Agents

Mr. Mantee addresses the graduates

The twenty-seven students who graduated from the Great Hall Institute of Medical Sciences (GHIMS) over the weekend have been challenged to be change agents, because there are enormous challenges in the medical profession which they have chosen as their career.

The graduation exercise was the 3rd for Health Assistants educated by the GHIMS since Dr. Samuel T. Dopoe and his wife, Precious, founded the institute in January 2007 in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

The graduates were predominantly female with only six men among the 27. They were trained in First and Standard Aides, human anatomy and physiology, fundamentals of professional nursing, tropical and communicable diseases.

The guest speaker, Kendrick Mantee urged the graduates to be prepared for the task associated with the nursing profession, “because the challenges are enormous when it comes to becoming a change agent, mainly in the Liberian society where ethics, the invaluable foundation for professional disposition is non-existence.”

A cross-section of the graduates health services workforce.

“I can just imagine what it would mean for you to become a change agent in such a society, because you cannot crave to become a change agent in isolation with the desire to leave a legacy, Mr. Mantee told the graduates. He is the president and CEO of Wonder Star Staffing U.S.A.which has been a locally women-operated company since 1998.

To the graduates, he added, “I know you are aware of the challenges pertaining to your profession, but as you receive your diplomas, I want you to declare that you will uphold the baton of becoming change agents by being ethically and legally committed to delivering services in a compassionate manner.”

According to Mr. Mantee, if it means that in the process of distinguishing yourself by going above and beyond the call of duty, go for it…do not waste your time thinking about moment that you either encounter resistance or lose your job.”

The GHIMS was established as charity and non-governmental organization with the aim to provide quality and advanced health training for all citizens without discrimination.


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