Ghanaian President Expected Today


Ghanaian President and current ECOWAS Chairman John Dramani Mahama will pay an official visit to Liberia today, September 15.

While in Liberia, the Ghanaian Leader will make a donation of assorted food items to aid Liberia’s fight against the deadly Ebola virus.

According to a Foreign Ministry, the visit by the Ghanaian leader will also be a show of solidarity by the people of Ghana to Liberia as the country goes through this difficult period.

The Foreign Ministry release said President Mahama will also meet President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for a brief bilateral discussion.

The military aircraft carrying the food items arrived in Liberia on Saturday at the Roberts International Airport, according to a Foreign Ministry release.

The Ghanaian leader is expected to also pay similar visits to neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea, which are also hard hit by the Ebola virus.

Ghana is a member of the regional grouping ECOWAS, and during the crises of Liberia and Sierra Leone, it (Ghana) is on record for playing key roles in peacekeeping missions.

Meanwhile, the bilateral relation between Ghana and Liberia goes a long way that citizens of the two countries are mixed in each country, thus making each group to feel a part of the other.

President Mahama’s solidarity visit in times of health crisis in Liberia is therefore a consolidating step to cement the long existing relationship between the two West African Countries.


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