GFA Private Sector Engagement in Transport Sector Ends in Monrovia

Officials, contractors at the Confab in Monrovia.

Public Works official commend GFA, GIZ partners

A final conference under the auspices of GFA Consulting Group of Germany, aimed at the private sector engagement in Liberia’s transport sector on October 12, ended in Monrovia with showers of praise from Liberian stakeholders.

The GFA Consulting Group’s final conference brought together officials of the ministries of Education (MOE), Public Works (MPW), Association of Liberian Construction Contractors (ALCC) and executives of GIZ and others in the transport and construction sectors.

In a brief statement, Deputy Education Minister for Instruction, Emmanuel Duopue, reminded Liberians that the private sector in any nation is the engine of development, progress and growth. Minister Duopue, however, said that there is no way the private sector can stimulate economic development and growth without the engagement of the public sector to achieve socioeconomic development.

He said that the GFA, GIZ and other partners with line ministries and agencies of the Liberian government have had some tangible results, and urged the private sector to continue to strive in the path of sustained engagements.

On the Role of Private Sector in Economic Development, GIZ, CDTS Project Director Ulrich Thüer reminded private sector contractors that in order to always succeed in securing contracts, such an entity must strive for quality and fast delivery.

Mr. Thüer also said that contractors and their business entities must cultivate the virtues of honesty, sincerity and innovation as such qualities are some of the hallmarks of sustained success.

Thüer said that fast implementation of projects and completion of works on time could ensure the securing of more contracts from awarding agencies and ministries.

He said, the program started as a small private sector company, and now works in 92 countries and implements projects for the German Government, European Union, U.S. Government and other varieties of works around the world.

Günter Diewald, Technical Advisor for Capacity Development in the Transport Sector, reminded ALCC officials and Liberian development partners to do their part to provide the needed funds for local projects, and Liberians must take the lead and ownership in its sustainability.

Mr. Günter Diewald, GIZ Technical Advisor addresses the GFA final Confab in Monrovia.

Mr. Diewald commended the Liberian staff, describing them as some of the best and talented professionals, always determined and results-oriented on assignments and sound work ethics.

About the ALCC’s achievements over a period of ten months, the organization’s president, Sackie Johnson, said it was due to the internet, focal persons for decentralization, communications and training, advocacy, lobbying for female activities that made ALCC successful.

President Johnson also disclosed that a five-year strategic plan has been established, and a work plan has been authorized with the Ministry of Public Works.

“Pending the arrival of our 60 pieces of equipment from Italy, our capacities as local contractors would be further strengthened and we can assure the Liberian government and support partners of our commitment to join the development wagon of the country,” Mr. Johnson said.

He said the ALCC has been able to train and deploy county coordinators who have been very useful for the development, growth, and progress of the business entity. He added that the ALCC has purchased three acres for the entity’s overall programs and projects in the country.

Earlier, ALCC vice president Burteh Freeman, secretary-general James Smith, and Madam Kimberly Toure, treasurer, commended Mr. Diewald for some of the innovative, creative, managerial and administrative contributions to the progress of their organization.


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