‘German Payday’ Resurfaces at Red-light


The notorious acts being allegedly carried out by traffic control officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) referred to only as ‘German Pay-day’, has resurfaced at the Red-light Market in Paynesville.

According to several affected commercial drivers and private vehicle owners, ‘German Pay-day’ is the time police officers allegedly extort money from them during the weekend.

Some commercial drivers told the Daily Observer that special budgets are set aside starting Friday of each week for the ‘German Pay-day’ activities at the Red-light, Waterside and Duala Markets.

It may be recalled that in June this year, following public outcry against ‘German Pay-day’ at the three major commercial districts in Monrovia, the LNP leadership instituted some measures to remedy the troublesome situation.

At the time, several police officers were arrested by their superiors for the alleged extortion and subsequently transferred to different areas in Monrovia and its environs.

Petty traders and commercial drivers expressed gratitude to the LNP leadership and urged them to sustain the clamp down on errant (misbehaving) officers operating in the three business districts in Monrovia.

Regrettably, at the three crowded business districts in Monrovia, police officers are heard saying ‘bring my German Pay-day now or else.’

“Let’s be very frank with our leaders and government that the present salaries will not deter these practices by our police officers in Monrovia and other parts of Liberia,” an aggrieved LNP officer cried out.

In some real encounters with LNP officers assigned to Monrovia’s business districts, several of them pointed out that their salaries and incentives are a nightmare.

The LNP officers also claimed that for the past several years in Liberia, salaries and essential incentives have remained very low and highly unacceptable by most professional standards in other countries.

Correspondingly, the ‘German Pay-day’ activities in Monrovia’s business districts continue to generate anger and frustration among the thousands of petty traders and small enterprise owners.

Many small, medium and large business entities have on many occasions complained of the snail pace of conveying goods and services from one end of Monrovia to other areas due to the ‘German Pay-day’ spree.

Central Monrovia businessman Thomas Hansen Kollie last weekend told the Daily Observer that commercial and truck drivers conveying goods and services on many occasions encounter LNP officers demanding their ‘German Pay-day’ tokens.

“Our goods and services to some parts of Monrovia are delayed owing to the numerous LNP officers encountered at the intersections awaiting their ‘German Pay-day’ and Christmas gifts,” Mr. Kollie complained.


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