German Businessman Killed by ‘Armed Robbers’?

The late Juergen Schedemann, who was allegedly gunned down by armed robbers, was the Log Yard Manager of the International Consultant Capitals

Reports gathered by the Daily Observer reveal that a German National known as Juergen Schedemann was shot dead by suspected armed robbers in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The incident, which took place at 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday, is said to have been carried out by 13 suspected armed robbers wearing masks, who reportedly trooped into the company’s compound and killed the German National in the Big Joe Town community.

The late Schedemann who is the Log Yard Manager of the International Consultant Capitals (ICC) was discovered dead early at his residence in the logging yard.

Eyewitnesses’ account further revealed that the robbers had only entered the company’s yard and killed the manager, but did not harm any of the staffs.

Mrs. Linda Cumb Schedema, wife of the deceased, told journalists that she and her husband were together on Tuesday night between the hours of 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. “My husband later left me at our little shop near the company’s yard where we live and went to bed because he had some work to do and I was still making business.”

Mrs. Schedema said that at 12 a.m. when she closed the shop and went to her husband with some of the workers, she heard the noise that armed robbers were in the yard and everyone was finding a place to hide.

The victim’s wife asserted that there were many other foreigners in the yard but only her husband was discovered dead behind the compound.

Meanwhile the local police Commander, James Karto said no arrest has been made into the gruesome killing of the German National.

The body of the victim has been taken to Abraham Roberts funeral home as the investigation continues.

With the Government of Liberian making frantic efforts to attract investors amid accusations of corruption and bad governance, for which Liberians have held a series of protests in Monrovia, the murder of a foreign national in Buchanan could compound the fears that foreign investors may have when considering Liberia as an investment destination.


  1. I’m not going to undertake any investment during this Weah administration, because the country is not safe…. now.
    * Protesters was attacked for exercising their right-
    * German expatriate has been kill.
    * Armed robbers is increasing every day.
    * Unemploymen is a key issue doing this Weah administration.
    * Citizens has been attack or call enemy of the state for speaking out the wrong leadership practice by this unqualified government. ” For you to make a determination to invest in a country infrastructurally, you must be guaranteed a National security or else even if you build hundred thousand miles or acres of estate, it is not secured It is not guaranteed” said Morlu. For me Benchie, I need a national security guarantee to invest in Liberia too oh! But, when we will be president before we invest🤔

  2. Very, very sad. The perpetrators of this lowlife wicked act must be brought to trial immediately. Investors are needed in Liberia. On the other hand, politics has no room in this matter. Wrong is wrong.

  3. When my dad Zizi Flomo Harris Siefa ran a Camp Todee palm oil buying operations and a Rice mill and Sugarcane Rum distillery in Lofa county before 1990 we had more than 7 guns at home registered and accompanying him to pay workers in US dollars.

    But Liberians today naively believe after the 1990 war with AK 47 floating around that a multi million dollar logging operations or rubber plantations in LAC can thrive without guns?

    A Belgian died at LAC in 2007 and now a German in 2020.

    Folks legalize registered guns and stop setting up foreign investors for suicide missions in Post war Liberia!!

  4. This incident underscores the fact once again a democratic society cannot thrive in a culture of impunity and lawlessness.

    Dozens of expert literature and ideas have been proffered to this government on the need to focus on the creation of an optimum, security environment if it is to attract foreign investors and curtail the growing anti-government tension coming from various citizen groups.

    But, as the situation appears, the leadership may not be thinking that such an idea should be made a major priority.

  5. This is a pathetic situation. It gives a signal of non security in the nation. I think we need a total revamp of the system. We really have a very long way to go. With my long expectation of two new foreign investments in the same Buchanan, this has happened. May the Gentle Soul of Juergen Schedemann and the Souls of all the faithful departed through the Mercy of God Rest In Peace. Amen.


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