15 Health Centers Benefit from District #12 Aspirant’s Donation

Officials of the Friends of Dr. George Beyan Samah and some staffs of the Ma-Tuwor Clinic in Stephen Tolbert Estate

Fifteen health centers in electoral district #12, Montserrado County over the weekend received supplies of medical equipment worth over US$100K from the representative candidate of the district, Dr. George Beyan Samah.

The equipment included infusion pumps, Intravenous (IV) sets, hypodermic needles, blankets and urine cups, were donated to the Ma-Tuwor Clinic in Stephen Tolbert Estate, Ma-Sarah Smith clinic in Chicken Soup Factory community, Refuge Place Maternal Child Clinic in Johnsonville, MSF Referral Hospital in Bardnersville and the Aaron Weldah Clinic on Kesselly Boulevard.

The chairman of Dr. Samah’s campaign team, Findesco Lama said those complaining of sicknesses and sometimes the health workers themselves in the district face the effects of lack of medical equipment.

This situation became evident when his team made an assessment of various health facilities in the district, Lama said

He said Mr. Samah as a former employee of the World Health Organization (WHO), has decided to make the health sector one of his key priorities if elected to represent the district in the Legislature.

“Our health sector remains one area that needs improvement. As you can remember, a few months ago, we donated medicines and medical equipment to the Gardnersville Community Clinic. So we are again making a similar gesture to those clinics that continue to provide healthcare services to our people. It is our hope that these equipment will be used for the intended purposes,” Mr. Lama said.

Ezekiel Sallaku, officer-in-charge at the Ma-Tuwor Clinic, thanked Mr. Samah for the donation which he described as “something of great help to the clinic that continues to provide quality health services to the residents.

“This is the first time an individual has willingly donated medical equipment to us, and so we are grateful to Dr. Samah for listing us as one of the beneficiaries. Anyone who contributes to the health of the people is also contributing to their wealth,” said Sallaku.

Also receiving the donation was Azeem Yahwaye, a screen personnel at Ma-Sarah Clinic, who said the donation came at a time when the clinic is managing with  limited medical supplies at its disposal.

“We are grateful to Dr. Samah for the donation and we also call on others and the government to assist us with additional medical supplies,” Yahwaye said.

Dr. Samah, who worked for the United Nations for over 10 years, is among several representative candidates in the district vying to replace the incumbent, Richmond Anderson.


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