Official results from the National Elections Commission show that, of the 98.1% of ballots counted from the Dec. 26 runoff election, the standard bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), George M. Weah, has safely reached within grasp of the Liberian presidency.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: NEC announces, with 98.1% of ballots counted in the runoff election, that CDC has won 61.5% of the total votes, with UP getting 38.5%.

With a total voter turnout of 1,198,984 (56% of registered voters), The CDC candidate received, according to the NEC, 61.5% of the total votes so far, with the UP candidate, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, getting 38.5%.


  1. Well, it is done. The Liberian voters have decided. So, let us move ahead with the task of rebuilding our beloved country. Winning the election is just one step along the way.

    • George Weah’s ability to lead Liberia can only be gauged from his performance in the Liberian Senate and ECOWAS Parliament. NOT from playing soccer. NOT from the grammatical errors he makes when he speaks. There is NO proof of George Weah ever producing anything of substance in the Liberian Senate. Weah was so shameful and dysfunctional in the Liberian Senate, they sent him to ECOWAS just to get rid of him. At the ECOWAS Parliament, after George Weah took his per diem money, he ran away to Europe or other African countries due to his inability to undesrstand the content of parliamentary discussions. Weah could never understand what they were saying at ECOWAS. How the hell in the world will George Weah run a country?
      We can all love Weah, pray for Weah, Hope for Change and give Weah a chance, but, this is a complete setback for Liberia. Let us wait and see how Ellen, Robert Sirleaf and George Weah choose their new government. Cogratulations to Rob Sirleaf-incoming Senator for Montserrado County. The Old Ma and Weah will support you 100% and the Sirleafs will rule Liberia for 6 or more years. Rob will pass the brown envelope so they won’t investigate NOCAL and FIB Bank.

  2. George Weah will not put Ellen in jail because, Ellen crossed path to CDC to help Weah win. George Weah is now Ellen’s puppet because, she never trusted Joseph Boika even though they’re friends and the head of the UP presidency. George Weah will finish most of Ellen legacy which is currently in development, like roads, airport, hydro dam, ministerial complex, capital hill contruction, and few new developments they are currently ongoing in Liberia. George Weah needs to put his plan infront of the Liberia people, and tell them how he going to pay for it, and introduce some new investors. If not, well, he just riding off Ellen success and things could turn.

  3. Ok to CDC supporters the Liberians people are waiting to see the change that George weah promise the Liberians people with. God bless Liberia

  4. Change comes by the collective will of a reconciled nation to achieve it, and President – elect Weah reiterated his commitment to that agenda. Don’t be impatient folks, the Coalition for Democratic Change just heard the good news today.

  5. Hope you will all keep it together, inspire your President elect and yourselves to always muster whatever force it will take to make your country one everybody would want to live in.

  6. I’m ashamed of my country for electing a functionally illiterate for president. Weah will take our country 100 years backwards, to the dark ages!!!

  7. I think as Liberians, we must put our differences behind us and think about building our country instead of serving as doubting Thomases regarding what Mr. Weiah is capable of doing as a president elect. There is no one specific Liberian who was given the mantle of authority from God to develop Liberia. Liberia can be developed by any patriotic Liberian who has this country at heart. The Liberian people have spoken and nothing else. No matter which part of the divide we find ourselves, we are Liberians. The political campaign is over. Mr. Weiah is the president of Liberia and nothing else, period. Stop the criticisms. Because, if that could help, Mr.Weah would not have been elected. We heard enough of this and he still went on to win which enormously reflects the will of the Liberan people.

  8. Where are the “nay sayers”?
    Please call him,” President George Weah”.
    He deserves it. When our politicians’ wars was killing us (1990-2003), his talent was intertaining us, and putting his country on the the spotlight positively. He was the only one that could bring joy to his country men in those dark days.
    I was attending LU in the 90s. Our national team was always out of fund to hounor their schedule games. Mr. Weah will be called from where ever he is, by the late Francios Massaquoi ( sports minister). The news around town in those days: Oppong coming?….did he pay the Lone Star fare? So on..This man worked hard for his money playing soccer. Which one of us, Liberian, could/have ever done that. Our political leaders mastermine wars, enriched themselves, take the money to America and by houses. We want a uniter, not a divider.

  9. Mr.Martin Scott,
    You are a coward. Be also ashame of the Great USA for electing Donald Trump, a white supramacists sympathizer, or the Philippine for electing Rodriguez Dutete, an ex-death squad leader.
    When the politicians fail to do it right, the people revolt. Our “politicians” have been killing us since April 14, 1979. All because of their own greed.
    Ghana is ok today, because Rawlings came in and did a total house-cleaning. Those brand of greedy a*****s are all gone. You can sit in Ghana and see development, when our war came, we ran and went. Had it left only with Hilla Limann and his group of croonies, Ghana would be worst of than Liberia today.

    Some of you only talking, not in the interest of Liberia, because the candidate of your choice was not elected. If some of you love Liberia, as you claim, put everything aside and support president WEAH…..please

  10. Mr. Martin Scott, don’t you know that Weah’s election as a President is, indeed, a
    continuation of Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in office? See the circumstances through
    the October 10, 2017 electoral process went on. In the first place, there is nowhere
    it is penned on a piece of paper as CDC Weah;s plans how he is going to develop
    the country. CDC Weah’s election is no different from how Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was
    elected. At the time when Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was elected, she was disqualified
    to stand for election by the TRC Findings. TRC imposed upon her about 30 to 35 years
    not to hold any public office. That included the presidency of the country, simply because
    it Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who organized, solicited funds to pay for her.

    George M. Weah’s election raised more questions than answer. His lack of education
    and experience and personally temperament speak volume.


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