Genesys Communications to Organise Strategic Seminar


A one-day seminar that seeks to transform the minds of business owners about the role of communications in their operations will take place on Saturday, February 1, 2020, at the auditorium of the University of Liberia, main campus.

The seminar, organized by Genesys Communications in collaboration with the Business Start-Up Center-Monrovia, will be held under the theme, “Unifying Business Objectives with Strategic Communications.”

Madam Lisa R. White, chief executive officer of Genesys Communications, said after conducting informal research with various businesses and with colleagues in the communication field, “I found that in this climate, communications have been relegated to a press release, banners, flyers, radio promotions or newspaper ads. They are used in an episodic, event-based way that isn’t necessarily linked to an organization’s mission, vision, and values.”

According to her, strategic communications enables “me to see that this missing element in some Liberian business operations is hampering growth and development.”

Ms. White further told the Daily Observer that communications should be seen as strategic and powerful, noting that, “When integrated into business operations, the impact is increased stakeholder engagement, i.e. profit, increased opportunities for innovation and crisis management.

With strategic communication, business becomes proactive and remains relevant in the market.”

She revealed that some of her business colleagues who have been in business for years are still living hand-to-mouth.

And when an analysis of their business operations is conducted, the results show that there is no communication strategy, no real engagement with stakeholders and, what’s more, they are waiting for the business to come to them and not being proactive.

Madam White said: “So, this seminar seeks to challenge the notion that because of pro-poor, there is no money in the market.” White further explained that there is money in the market. ” People spend all the time. When wallets don’t open its likely business may not be meeting the current needs of its clients.”

Speaking on the importance of the initiative, she said, strategic communications is the tool that uncovers these unmet needs through very specific actions.

Through these actions, Madam White said, come a detailed picture of the business operating environment and outlines issues that could mean crisis if not proactively dealt with. The result is brand and reputation management.


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