General Power Threatens Formation of Kru Defense Force

Flashback: Ex-rebel General Power (a.k.a. Augustine Nagbe) leads riot police and government sympathizers to rescue Freedom FM, following the shutdown of Roots FM.

…Says, “I will organize the Kru people to defend Pres. Weah”

Augustine Nagbe, alias “General Power,” who is named in the True and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report as  the rebel fighter who forced a woman at gunpoint in the West Point community, outside Monrovia, to eat a whole can of human feces (Pupu), has promised to organize the Kru ethnic group to defend President George Weah.

President Weah is also a member of the Kru ethnic group, who hails from Grand Kru county, Southeastern Liberia

General Power added, “I don’t trust personnel of the state security, therefore, I will form a Kru Defense Force to protect ethnic Krus and the President.”

The notorious ex-general, on a local radio talk show in Monrovia on Thursday, November 21, 2019, threatened that his ethnic group will form a force that would rise in defense of President Weah if anyone tries to attack him.

Gen. Power, who boasted of being a proud Kru man, said he is prepared to use his military training to defend the Kru people, who include President Weah.

Though a top source in the National Security Agency (NSA) has confided in the Daily Observer that General Power is the Deputy Director of the agency, he denied working with the government.

General Power said he is a Kru warrior, and does not care how anybody takes his position, but said inasmuch as there is a Kru man in power, “I will not allow people to talk to him anyhow.” He maintained that: “President Weah is the Commander-in-Chief of Liberia, so I will defend him, and if anybody tries to molest him, the way they had Lofa Defense Force, you will see the Kru Defense Force.”

Up to the publication of this story, the government was yet to react to Power’s threat.

In a statement on social media, Representative J. Fonati Koffa of Grand Kru County District #2 had this to say: “I feel compelled in no uncertain terms to condemn my kinsman whose nom de guerre is General Power and urge him to cease and desist from talks of urban militarism. Similarly i condemn all those engaged in incendiary rhetoric in the name of free speech. The Liberian state and people have endured much. Our common challenges must be faced with clasped hands one to another, not clutched fists.”

The Lofa Defense Force

His mention of the erstwhile Lofa Defense Force (LDF) brings to mind the formation of the LDF, which was a rebel group that participated in the Liberian Civil War. It was a local group that crossed the northern border from Guinea to attack armed positions, mostly those of the United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy-Kromah faction (ULIMO-K) in early 1994.

The LDF was led by Francois Massaquoi, Taylor’s Minister of Youth and Sports, and was formed in 1993.  Massaquoi was from the Lorma ethnic group. The LDF was estimated to have 750 combatants, mainly drawn from within Lofa County and the Lorma ethnic group. Their mission was to protect their Lorma villages from being attacked and looted by armed bands of ULIMO’s ethnic Mandingo fighters. 

Francois Massaquoi died April 16, 2001, reportedly from gunshot wounds after the helicopter he was flying in came under fire in the troubled northern border region of Lofa county. There were unconfirmed reports at the time that Massaquoi was allegedly shot at close range by General Momo Geebah otherwise known as “Bulldog”. Jibah has since denied the claim.

The Liberia Peace Council

Another rebel faction, the Liberia Peace Council (LPC), was a group that participated in the Liberian Civil War under the leadership of George Boley, now an elected lawmaker in the 54th Legislature.

The LPC emerged in 1993, partly as a proxy force for the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), which was then factionalized. It made substantial gains against the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) in southeastern Liberia, vying for control of commercial operations in timber and rubber.

A predominantly ethnic Krahn organization, it drew supporters from the United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy (ULIMO) and the AFL, but also from other ethnic groups, who suffered under NPFL occupation.

It had about 2,500 militants in its ranks. Like all groups that participated in the civil war, the LPC committed serious human rights abuses, including murder, torture, and looting, particularly of some major investment facilities around the Roberts International Airport (RIA), including facilities of EXCHEM, a multi foreign investment, in an effort to terrorize and depopulate rural areas held by the NPFL. LPC did not only loot or vandalize the company’s facilities, but killed its general manager, Sanford Dennis, Jr., and his production supervisor, Mark Williams.

In a related development , General Power had earlier, in response to a story written in the Daily Observer’s October 11th edition, Captioned: “General Power” Leads Roots FM Shutdown, denied any involvement in the closure of the radio station, though he was captured in a photo being heavily protected by plain-clothed security agents during the closure of the radio station, which is owned by Henry Pedro Costa, a fierce critic of the government.

Gen. Power, who was captured on video instructing the LNP to violently take the radio off air for “violating section 15 of the Telecommunications Act of 2007, and Chapter 11 section 11.2(d) of the criminal procedure law,” was himself reportedly removing some broadcast equipment, while ordering the police to arrest on sight anyone  making an attempt to defend the station.

His action caused a police officer to respond angrily, saying, “Whose instructions are we following today, because our bosses came and told us to do different things, while other people bring different instructions with their own securities protecting them, some of whom we do not even know.”

Gen. Power claimed that the station was operating without a valid license as well as illegally using its broadcast equipment to tarnish the good character of the government and its officials.

The ex-general declared that  Henry P. Costa, manager of Roots FM, cannot keep using the station to incite citizens against the government while operating illegally.

He said if Costa keeps insulting the President and preaching hate massages, “I, Gen. Power, will arrest him to bear the full weight of the law because Liberia is not a lawless country.” Power’s statement was greeted with mixed reactions from curious onlookers, some of whom scolded him while others, mainly government supporters, applauded him.


  1. Liberia, what a lawless country. Even the Lawmaker is defending the former rebel, just because he’s a Kru man. Maybe it is time to form our own Bassa Defense Force oh. LOL> Wonders shall never end in that shit-hole of a country called Liberia.

  2. General Power or what ever your name is, I dare you to follow up with your formation of your so-called Kru Defense Force. The formation of your so-called Kru Defense Force will certainly give rise to the formation of Nimba Defense Force, follow by Bong Defense Force, Lofa Defense Force and all other political subdivisions of Liberia will eventually form forces to protect themselves against a small elements of dictatorial fools. Just try it and see what’s going to hit you on your head. If you like, you can form a Weah Defense, CDC Defense Force and you will still not succeed in imposing your criminal gangs of fools on the Liberian people. I bet you do not have the balls to follow up on your empty threat. I don’t blame you for a second, because your mini-god-father, the Kru-man Weah has given you plenty of reasons to stand in public sphere and vomit complete absurdity. If you think that you and your so-called Kru Defense Force have monopoly over lawlessness and violence, we will help you to stir the pot. We are ready and watching with militant mindsets and critical ears and eyes. You are just a coward with a big mouth and I will challenge you any day and night, FOOL. Remember, the only good medicine for a crazy man is another crazy man and so, bring it on.

    • Leewaye, this is absolute hypocrisy and absurdity on your part. Your boss Prince Johnson has made similar (BUT SELFISH) pronouncements on many occasions. And you in particuar cheered such pronouncements. And then you are here displaying such hypocrisy and absurdity, when all General Power is actually saying is that his acts would be based on patriotism which is the constitutional duty of every single Liberian: “He’s the Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Liberia, I’ll defend him if anybody tries to molest him.”

      • Flomo Nyankoi, how did you formulate your “definition” of patriotism? Patriotism has nothing to do with your loyalty to an individual, but it has everything to do with your loyalty to the state. You did make mention of our constitution, but I don’t see the section, nor the article that supports your emotional outburst. I am not belaboring you to prove your assertion, because there is none. With regard to Senator Prince Y. Johnson, and the unflinching support he enjoys in Nimba, you have to accept that he has earned the respect and admiration of we Nimbaians, so it is foolhardy to expect us to abandon him completely. PYJ is a senior member of the ruling coalition, therefore he can easily be cautioned by his partisan, who is the current president. We have no authority over Sen. Johnson, Mr. Nyankoi!

    • Costa has made some provocative threatening statements in recent weeks about attacking a lifeless, defenseless airport terminal at the RIA. Now, here comes another strong man, Gen. Power, who threatens to form a guerilla army that could be used to protect George Weah during the event of an emergency. Wow! What’s going on?

      Mr. Costa and Gen. Power are wrongheaded. No more war! No more hate. Liberians have had it up to their throats. Liberians have been badly devastated one way or another because of the 14 1/2-year senseless stupid war that took more than 250,000 innocent and non-innocent lives.
      We will now use this time to forget (although it is hard do) and rebuild our devastated, ransacked country. No,no no! Costa and Gen. Power, please stop. Don’t go there!

    • No way Mr. Bamapka,
      Please, don’t go that route. Gen. Power has made a stupid suggestion. Power does not speak for all Kru Liberians. The silence of all Kru citizens (wherever they are) should not be understood as an endorsement of Power’s reckless behavior. Gen. Power is 150% wrong. Power will be met with violence if he does not relent. Given all we Liberians have gone through and the hardship that everyone experiences today, who wants to see violence? If Power is married, maybe his wife, children and all relatives of his are shaking in fear because of his threat.

      According to legend, Pontius Pilate committed suicide on an island after he was recalled to Rome because his wife kept telling him that it was wrong to have handed over Jesus. I don’t know Power, neither do I want to know him. Let’s hope that Power’s wife will persuade him from carrying out his foolishness just as the wife of Pontius Pilate attempted to do. Let’s also hope that Power’s family people are hammering at his head for disturbing our peace and quiet.

  3. Good morning General Power,

    Do NOT waste any time. Go right ahead today, form your “Kru Defense Forces” to defend your “Kru-led government”.
    But beware, a single gun fired in Liberia will be the last ever in that country. Don’t think your children will be safe in any country you take them. Everyone will be part of that war.

    We (Liberian true patriots) dare you to form a parallel force to defend an unqualified government.
    By the way, beware that the Samuel Doe scenario will NEVER be repeated in Liberia. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient!

  4. The ceaseless hypocrisy of an unabashed biased and, allegedly, foreign-funded private media space doesn’t fail to amuse. FPA and Daily Observer newspapers joined by the hips, like Siamese twins, are on a mission of anti-establishment misinformation and malice. Little wonder, then, they were silent while former Rebel Rep Yekeh Kolubah made terroristic threats of going to the Capitol building “militant” and ambushing presidential motorcades, or Henry Costa vowing to “buy guns for old rebels to kill“ on his “orders” including bringing down GMW should government touch his radio station.

    Two of the core journalistic principles are impartiality and fairness, but due to arrogant disregard for readers a propaganda tool of a media space ignores them. The Kru people are diverse, individualistic, and one of the more informed for any one person to talk on their behalf, and that’s what a nuanced report would’ve included. It begs the question, why lambast individuals that talk of helping to protect a threatened and besieged government while hero-worshiping those who publicly talk of assassination and uprising? By the way, as for harming the Kru people, lots of evidence exists that they won’t turn the other cheek – bloody nonsense!

  5. It has been a week, since this reckless statement was made, interestingly, no opinion leader from the Kru tribe has condemned, nor disassociated themselves from Gen. Power’s threat. As we are all aware that silence means consent, I am of the opinion that “Gen. Power” spoke on behalf of the Kru tribe, and that other tribal groups should be duly notified that we at the verge of a military confrontation. Be not deceived by clueless optimist, who believe that we can never return to our ugly past, because the present is exhibiting all the characteristics of our dark past. This is just my two cent opinion, as I have experienced similar violence in the past, I feel obliged to warn my fellow compatriots about this pending calamity. Fellow Liberians, “Beware the ides of March”.

  6. Lest I forget, anyone who doesn’t believe that the agreement mistake (lots of evidence exists) in my final sentence Is a typo should bring it on. Needless to say, some of us are fed up with the rabble-rousing of politicos – hiding under journalism – in spite of public safety anxieties of the powerless: Greedy crazies.

  7. This ex-rebel couldn’t possibly be going off like some kind important person if he did not have secret support from high places. The fact that he was found involved in a police action underscores my suspension. Liberians from every part of this nation should be alarmed that if this individual is allowed to insert this crazy idea into the current situation in Liberia, things could deteriorate downhill very rapidly.

    Hopefully, with our recent violent history serving as a guide, more intelligence and wisdom will prevail and as a result this ‘general’ would be seen by a psychiatrist and put on some medications. The idea of every ethnic group forming their own defense militia is a nightmare scenario that will make Liberia a laughingstock!

  8. Paye, your expression seems to be no different from the statement of Gen. Power. You are pointing out an entire tribe for not condemning the barbaric statement made by a so-called General. Gone are those days were people will selfishly hide under the umbrella of defending their tribesmen only to advance their personal agenda. I don’t see anyone condemning the acts of Costa the “Activist, who has been publicly calling for the remover of a Democratically elected Head of State come December. This a simply a paradigm of what happened to Tolbert, Doe, Taylor. For any nation to develop, the people themselves have to take a different approach to dealing with trials and hardship. Forcefully removing a President is not the way. Even if Weah and Jewel step down today, our difficulties will continue to harden unless we approach the situation holistically. We need to hold everyone of our leaders accountable. We need to hold our do nothing legislators accountable. Legislators have the power to make laws, remove the president, reject unqualified cabinet members and do so make things. For our nation to develop, our legislators need to wake up and start working ten times harder.

    • Thanks for confirming my suspicion, “Concerned Liberian”. Your weak analysis of the issue, coupled with your unmerited justification of “Gen. Power’s” reckless bravado, has clearly exposed your true identity. You are one of those members of the Kru tribe, who believe that your kinsman, George Weah, has the right to rule this nation discretionally. Howbeit, you will soon receive a rude awakening, that will spill out the reality, that you have denied all along. This country is like a rudderless vessel, that is approaching a storm at sea. The sooner you abandon your uncontrollable desire for affluence, and accept the failure of your “idol”, the better it will be for all of us. A hint to the wise, is quite sufficient!

  9. 99% of lawmakers dont know their actual functions.. Because if they did, Liberia will be better off long time.. i am Sad for the old country.. if i was a lawmaker, i will definitely invite this General Power to the house and have him explain to us his plan to establish this kru force and also give him proper education about Liberia’s laws and consequences that follows for those who break our laws regardless of tribal affiliation with the President … I will also use that hearing to send a strong message to whosoever claiming to be general or threatening the peace to beware that we are a country of law..

    • The police should have summoned him in the first place for making such obnoxious comment.
      Don’t expect our current lawmakers to move an iota on such comments. Look at the composition of the senate and house, do you think they are going to rebuke him if even people in both chambers have made similar comments?

      But we are waiting for the first shot to be fired in Liberia again.

  10. This man calling himself general power still making statements and threatening and fighting the peace and the government is very quiet about and even happy over the statement and he continues to make without rebuke from who I call spokesman fahnkon of information. Let me clear on this, what ever he calls himself any attempt to success he will see many forces.
    Maybe he doesn’t have any knowledge what happened from Doe government to where we are . I wish you all the southeast formation if you can. Good luck my boy. Maybe you think that this is a kru country. Go on and eat more dry coconut and farina on sea.

  11. @Shem777, you a making a good point.. lawmakers should invite this self made general for questioning.. but again, as you rightly said, most of our lawmakers and bushmeat hunters and poor farmers that were elected to be legislators. So tell me how will they even think about big thing like what we are saying? The man will take 2 years to learn how to use his computer, 2 years to appreciate his new office space and another 2 years to learn how to talk or make speech.. so how will pay attention to national issues? He cant… those are the kind of lawmakers we have now… too sad.

  12. Gen, Power n what ever group he is going to organize needs to take that strength to the soil n grow more food to help us combat hunger, when it comes to defense we already have AFL, LNP n other security agencies including the citizens who lost a whole lot during our past civil war, we appealed to all Liberians not to encourage that, going back in to other countries as refugees is not our potions, thanks to Gen, power but no thanks,

  13. Concerned Liberian

    It is true that the citizens need to be responsible by remaining law-abiding, respecting their leaders, and exercising their constitutional rights and duties since the relations between the government and the people are one of mutual trust. However, how is this achievable when the government, which should be the pace setter, is in fact resigned in fulfilling its constitutional obligations?

    The imperial presidency has stripped all the institutions, like the judiciary, legislative, and other autonomous agencies responsible for ensuring good governance and the rule of law, off their powers. So, to whom do the people turn for a redress of their grievances?

    This kind of environment then becomes a fertile ground for the breeding of radicalism. So, I am sorry to say Liberia is heading towards that end.

    • Let the truth be told my brother. Singling me out as a Kru man shows your true mindset. I am Grebo and a staunch supporter of ANC. Most Liberians find it hard to rationalize during hardship. Removing Weah and or Jewel from power will only lead us into chaos. Were Liberians enjoying during the previous presidency. Weren’t we surviving off of handouts from UN, and the rest of the world?

  14. Statement. coming from such a man must be condemned from all peace loving Liberians everywhere. This is completely antipeace and antidemocractuc. I do not really know the government position on this. Any formation of such group will not be welcomed by any peace loving Liberians.

  15. As a leader, as an ex-general, you go straight up to the media and you preach tribalism, equally so you even implicate the president as if he, president Weah is only leading the kru ethnicity rather than ruling Liberians as a whole..
    Mr. General Power I would love if you go up media and revoke your statement please. The president is ruling the Liberian population that constitute of more than 15 ethnic groups alright, so please you should know what to say and don’t separate the people… God bless Liberia

  16. Liberia has had the Lofa Defense Force, the Congau Defense Force, the Progressives Defense Force (Sawyer Black Berets ) headed by this same John Stewart and Anthony Kesselly, the Krahn-Mandingo Resistance Forces (LPC, LURD, MODEL), ! Prince Johnson and his Gio Defense Force which he has warned shall attack anyone attempting to arrest him. Have we forgotten?

  17. I really dont blame Gen. Power for the statements attributed to him. I want to put the blame of the President. I blame him because, as they say, “silence means consent”. If he was to come out and condemn such actions, perhaps people would hesitate to utter such inflaming statements such as the one Power made.

    We should also condemn the reckless made by others, statements which has the propensity to incite violence and chaos amongst our people. But the divide is so wide that we applaud statements made by some and condemn statements made by others. Therein lies the crux of the problems.

    A friend of mine said to me that he cursed the day he was born a Liberian. Strong statements. Can anyone blame him?

    • Joe,

      Tell such friend to NEVER be ashamed of being a Liberian. Let him take heart, the day will surely come when Liberians will not be judged by their bravado and mayhem but on the contents of their knowledge and character.
      Tell such friend Liberia has beautiful and fine intellectuals improving the lives of other people in other countries around the world. They have heard the lament of motherland and have decided to take on the fight.
      Tell such friend to keep hope alive, for the day shall come when such nincompoops will no longer make virulent public utterances.

      Tell your friend to be proud to be a Liberian, Joe.

    • Joe Moses, are you kidding us? The President should go about condemning people and their rights to freedom of expression, freedom of belief, freedom of opinion, and freedom of association as enshrined in the Constitution?

      Where were you when Joseph Boakai, Benoni Urey, Charles Brumskine, Alex Cummings, through YEKEH Kolubah, announced they were “on the move to commit sedition by removing the President in three months.”?

      Now, Mr. John Stewart, please tell us which act is criminal and should prompt arrest! Of course it is the act or pronouncement of Joseph Boakai, Benoni Urey, Alex Cummings, Charles Brumskine, and Yekeh Kolubah which calls for immediate arrest or at least this bull shit you call editorial, but indeed absolute bullcrap!

  18. Gas Finish?
    Liberia is standing since 1822. Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, etc are moving forward.
    Only the best of educated with the needed Know-Hows can move the country forward.
    Tribal wars are not the directions or solutions.
    Democracy is the direction with high Tech, Industries, Trade, good Jobs, Exports, etc

  19. Nicodemus Sacrates

    The question is not whether Liberians have forgotten many of the defense forces you mentioned above existed during the civil war. Liberians know they existed in the past. The question is, what can this government do to prevent such a tragedy from taking place again?

    I believe that enduring peace can come to Liberia if this government is serious. Not because the country was awashed in conflicts in the past, they should be allowed to happen again.

    Don’t you think Liberians also have the mental capacity, like citizens of other countries where such bitter conflicts have occurred, to resolve them amicably? I think they can.

    What are your suggestions?

    • James McGill, my suggestion is people should desist from pretense and hypocrisy. It is very SATANIC when people jump , clap, and dance, when certain individuals go on print and broadcast media and threaten to destroy the government! But when someone comes and say “I WILL PROTECT THE GOVERNMENT ” then these very people who were singing praises to individuals who promise to destroy the government begin to bore the public with their very STUPID thinking and uttetances, as this so called reporter or editor making a fool out of himself.

  20. No Preferential treatment, Everybody Gets Somebody.

    The parents of children should call on anyone of their child or children and advise him/her or them, if the later is seen doing any wrong. Keeping silent to any of the children wrong doing is fueling negative preference. Other in the family will see it as a positive sign of gaining notoriety.

    When Yekeh Koulbah and Henry Costa spewed militant vulgarity laced comment against the president and the government, other Liberians see it enticing. They even gather and heap praises. But others are watching. If I m wrong, let someone correct me here. This is what brought the build up of our civil war.

    No nobody has monopoly over violence! Anyone can be as violent as another. I m not praising or backing Gen. power. What he is doing, is very wrong. However, as Liberians, we need to get involve in building a peaceful society. Whether you are a CDCian, UP, UPP or whatever political party, all of us have the responsibility to denounce any violence act or rhetoric that will destroy the nation.
    Praising one ugly act, will build negative feelings on the other side. You will never realize that the negative praises being heap on one side, is creating bad feelings on the other side of the fence. Let us know that no man is an island. Everybody gets somebody.
    Thanks to all.
    M .S Bah (N P) Nurse Practitioner
    Meridian Healthcare

  21. Paye Bamakpa, defending or protecting the President of the country or the STATE, be he Gio, Kru, Congor, Mende, or Kru, IS ABSOLUTE PATRIOTISM! And that is EXACTLY what General Power has vowed!

  22. Da kru pipo from sinoe he will call to join him or the ones for whom Jorweah built houses for in G.kru? He’s alright and his guts full. Maybe he thinks he’s so free he cannot be handled. Stupidity working. Who even wasting their time on someone who’s on their way to jail forever. Charlie can relate.


    Liberians are a Great People with “BOUNDLESS POTENTIALS”, that shall land us at the “APEX” of development, should we do away with “GAMBLING OUR LIVES AWAY” on loud mouth RHETORICAL UTTERANCES, SUCH AS FORMING A KRU, NIMBA, LOFA, BASSA, VAI, MARYLAND OTHER ANY OTHER DEFENSE FORCE.


    In the contex of this brief of response to my brothers respective contributions, it is also important to say :” LIBERIANS NEED NO MORE CARNAGE, OCCASIONED BY KILLING EACH OTHER” AS BEFORE.


  24. Mr. Socrates,

    somewhere I read in our constitution that everyone has the right to freedom of speech but, and it is a big but, be responsible for the abuse thereof. So you see, we are responsible for our utterances. But to answer your answer, Sir, yes, it is the duty of the President to condemn reckless and inflamatory statements especially if it has security implications.

    like Brother Bah rightly stated, no one person or tribe has monopoly over violence and it is our collective duty and obligation as a people to halt violence in all its forms from its onset, or it could spread and before you and I know it, the nation is engulfed in flames. there are some who are just watching and waiting for such to occur and they will be ready to pounce on a defenseless people to steal lives and properties.

    We cannot allow ourselves to go back to those days when chaos reign and was the order of the day, especially those of us who have nowhere else to run.

    The question I am always asking is, is this our lot in life? Will the young and the old never now a time of peace? I don’t know the answer to that.

    Uncle Dolo, you keep talking about time that is very elusive. A time when all will be well again. Are you selling hope? There is a song that my dad listens to al the time. It is called R.I.P. Normal Day performed by a Liberian Comedian call Angel Michael. According my dad, the song captures the essence of what used to be Liberia – the good ole days, if you will. his question is, will those days return? I guess, it is mine as well

    Uncle Hney, I am in an African country for an ongoing seminar and will return home on the 3rd of next month and will get ready to come see you, but will try to see your siblings before I come. Will keep you posted.


  25. JM,
    Great. Be safe out there.
    Liberia is plagued with a lot of problems. I know all the countries of this world have their own problems. For now, my concentration focus is about Liberia. As much as we try in Liberia, it seems as if no progress is being made. It seems as if our country is peddling backwards.

    I have read the comments. I sense unhappiness. Diaspora Liberians are eager to do some good stuff in Liberia. But it is hard if not impossible, to do something when threats of violence hang overboard.

    Gen. Power is out of step. He should be trying hard to build bridges of peace. It will be sad for Liberians to be plunged into another”uncivil” war. What happens if another former rebel captain responds to Gen Power’s provocation? The net result will be a major catastrophe. In other words, the possibility will exist for the country to peddle backwards. That means laughter; Liberians will be the butt of all African countries. We ought to be talking business, the re-building of Liberia, good governance, good schools, good roads, not guns or the formation of tribal armies.


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