Gender Ministry Conducts Ebola Awareness Training in Bassa


The Ministry of Gender and Development has successfully conducted a one-day E4bola Awareness and Contact Tracing Training workshop in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Addressing the opening of the trading, the Minister and former Superintendent of Grand Bassa County, Madam Julia Duncan-Chassell underscored the danger and effect of the Ebola virus.

Madam Duncan-Cassell said the Ebola is real and here, therefore Liberians should adhere to the preventive measures instituted by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and other international partners.

Minister Duncan-Cassell also named some of the Ebola symptoms as fever, vomiting running stomach, red eyes, ect.

She thanked the Gender-based violence auscilary network for exhibit a hig degree of professionalism in tracing and reporting cases of GBV in the county.

She then presented some Ebola preventive materials such as buckets, tye soap, clorax, bed sheets, milds, and sugar, among others, to the regional office of the gender and development ministry in Grand Bassa County.

She advised the coordinator of the regional office, madam netty dopoe to distribute the items among the needed communities without any form of discrimination.

Receiving the items, madam doepoe commended minister Duncan-Cassell for remembering the affected communities in the county.

She promised fairly and equally to distribute the items among the affected communities in the county.

At the close of the training the gender coordinator in the county thanked the participants for their cooperation during the deliberations of the training

She fervently hoped that they will teach other people in their respective communities what they have learned during the training

During the training, the GBV Data Clerk at the Gender Regional office, Mr. Clarence Carter leasured on the effect of the Ebola virus

He told the participants to be aware of the disease and its danger and that they should abide by the preventive measures to stop its spread.

The second facilitator madam Jerowline Hills , a social worker from the Liberian Government Hospital of the ministry of Health (MOH)

She called on any community dweller who come across any GBV or Ebola victim, to immediately report same to the nearby health center for early treatment

The training was attended by 20 participants from the GBV Auxiciallary Network in Districts # 1 and # 4 in Grand Bassa County

Accordingly, 12 of the participants came from the GBV Network, 4 form the gender regional office and 4 from the MOH in the county.

The training was held at the conference Hall of the Bassa Youth Caucus in Buchanan recently.

A day after the training workshop, madam Doepoe and team distributed the Ebola preventive materials donated by the MOD, to the needed communities in Districts #1, #2 and #3.

She urged those who received the items to make maximun use of then to prevent the spread of the disease in respective areas.

Receiving the items with joy, the heads of the various needed communities separately lauded the ministry of gender for the kind gesture and promised to use the items for the intended purpose.


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