Gender Minister, Nobel Laureate in War of Words

Chastised by Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee (right) over the state security's acts of brutality against anti-rape protesters in Monrovia last week, Gender Minister Williametta Piso Saydee-Tarr (left) claims Gbowee did it for political reasons.

… over government-sanctioned brutality against anti-rape protesters

After coming under direct criticism by Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee, during the anti-rape protests that took place last week in Monrovia, Gender and Social Protection Minister, Williametta Piso Saydee Tarr, has sharply reacted to Madam Gbowee, referring to her (Gbowee) as a generational underminer instead of a good or seasoned advocate well positioned to help bring about change or progress to the many ideas aimed at improving women’s lives and letting them have a safe country void of sexual harassment or violence.

In Madam Gbowee’s post during the protests last week, she stated: “I call out Minister Piso Tarr. Shame on you! Your job demands that you protect the most vulnerable population of Liberia, but you have chosen to align with your political god-father.”

She added further: “I am angry, infuriated, boiling inside…if you had done your job void of politics, we won’t be where we find ourselves.”

In a stern reaction bringing Madam Gbowee to check, Minister Tarr said: “As a woman who won her laurels on the backs of others based on advocating for women, you have failed to see in your actions, the same thing you have accused others of doing-trying their best to beat other women down just for hell of it — knowing fully well that there is no truth to what you are saying.”

“Now sister, remember when you became a Nobel Laureate, the people you called your friends stood alongside you, were there for you, placed their arms around you, and supported you. No lessons learned there for you?”

Tarr said the least Gbowee can do is to reciprocate in an authentic way the good done to her by many women and young girls as well as men in Liberia.

She added that Gbowee is still pushing on her falsities (which the Minister did not state what these were) for the lack of having anything else to say to the public as she continues with her advocacy.

She alleged that apart from piles of negatives, Gbowee’s nine long years of enjoying her Nobel laurels are yet to be translated into something meaningful to help the generality of the country, mainly through women’s groupings.

Madam Gbowee on her Facebook account also expressed her dissatisfaction over police manhandling of protesters, mainly women who were exercising their constitutional right of assembly. She said the action of the Police was appalling, sickening and a big shame on the Weah led government.

“To teargas and use violence on a peaceful gathering led by women against a pandemic is beyond unimaginable,” she said.

According to Gbowee, Tarr played politics regarding a young man tearing off a three-year-old’s private part for forceful penetration (rape) and that hurt her (Gbowee) deeply.

Minister Tarr, on the other hand, conceded that, though rape is a scourge she is seriously against; however, she is not complacent about people being unjustly accused of committing or facilitating the commission of rape against anyone, or about anyone using the high rate of rape cases in the country to score political points.

“I will not go back to your woes with the previous administration (former President Sirleaf’s era) as that is not my business, but you know and I know that the Weah led administration opened up to you a hand of friendship, welcoming you as a leader from within our generation, blessed with a huge platform to come in with your ideas too to help move the country forward and yet you chose to snub that hand extended to you in true cooperation,” she added.

Tarr recounted that when she was nominated by President Weah to serve as the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Madam Gbowee was the first among friends she called to break the good news and extended her an invitation to help to push the women’s agenda, but sadly, Gbowee again snubbed her call and chose to prefer being the “omniscient being” among women in the country.

“Since I am not doing my job, what has stopped you from reaching out to me or calling me to help with your savvy suggestions? Why haven’t you come to help me know what to do? What stopped you from using the same WhatsApp we usually chat on and let me know what is right to do? Please, my sister, you will not succeed in using me as a scapegoat in your bid to endear yourself where there is a lack,” she noted.

Continuing in her acerb reactions, Minister Tarr stressed further: “For once, use your international platform for national interest. It is truly sad. Everyday women accuse you of being selfish and self-centered and being a person who only wants for herself and over the years I have defended you, saying that you must have been misunderstood.”

She predicted that Gbowee is contemplating on becoming President of Liberia one day, and with that undisclosed intent, she should come straight and begin an open campaign now rather than using her platforms to get at individual members in government.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. Madam leymah ghobee- Ms. Tarr is a pawn in the scheme of things. why not attack the president who pulls her along like a puppet. Your criticism is misguided. go for the top man but i guess you are afraid to hack a man but you prey on a defenseless idiot of a woman who is fulfilling her duties to her boss. ms tarr is a pawn so go after her boss . Ms Tarr is right to criticize you because you got your millions from the Nobel Prize so now you sit on you lofty tower and criticize instead of marching your fat butt down the street. woman you gained a lot of weight since you won the Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. For a woman who will strip her butts and her main Private part for public view because of he vain desires for money and political notoriety, one must be dreaming to expect any sound, moral, decent, or truthful, action action on her part other than (after she has gotten her millions), “sitting on her lofty tower and criticize, instead of marching her fat butt down the street..”

    Can anyone in his or her right mind compare this foolish and vain girl Leymah Gbowee a political wannabe with Wangari Maathai, the Kenyan environmentalist who began a movement to reforest her country by paying poor women a few shillings to plant trees and who went on to become the first African woman to win the Nobel??? NO! NO NO NO!

    But this is a good lesson for many that people bow into the naivety that SUCH A VAIN AND EMPTY-HEADED RASCAL ranks with such noble achievers of Nobel Awards as those in Economics, Literature, Chemistry, Argriculture, Physics, and Medicine; hence they blindly take such a vain and very indecent and foolish girl as Leymah Gbowee as those highly sound and erudite minds receiving the Nobel Awards in Medicine, Literature, Chemistry, Physics, and Economics.

    Look people, the so called Nobel Peace Award is even given to terrorists when political expediency dictates such, or when at times the cash-stripped the Nobel Committee must justify funding from donors. A typical example can be seen in the mother of all rebels in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and to some extent in Ivory Coast – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf receiving this so called Nobel Peace Award.

    If Osama Bin Laden had lived on and the US and the rest of the comity and community of nations found it impossible to eliminate him, they would have, for political expediency, resolved to hand him this so called Nobel Peace Award which is actually a mere tool and a dumping ground when political expediency dictates such, or when at times the cash-stripped the Nobel Committee must justify funding from donors!


  3. It would have been more impressive had Gbowee attacked her fellow Nobel Laureate, one Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, for turning a blind eye to the rape crisis during her presidency. That “great child” spent her entire 12 years in office stealing the Liberian people’s money and flying all around the world collecting fake awards to protect her false image.

    Having herself been victimized by soldiers during the military coup of 1980, she felt justified, it seems, doing nothing at all about the rape crisis in Liberia. But isn’t that exactly why she should have made sure that no one else would be raped in Liberia, certainly not under her watch? Instead she left a very poor example of indifference and inaction for a feckless successor to emulate.

    So I would suggest that rather than attack the small potato here maybe Gbowee could go after Africa’s first woman president and after the “great dodger” who was once in “opposition” and is now in “her position”. These two do have a lot of explaining to do.

  4. A hypocrite, and an ignoramus at that, are allergic to legitimate actions and decisions! Therefore, Leymah Gbowee could not have “attacked her fellow Nobel Laureate, one Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, for turning a blind eye to the rape crisis during her presidency. That “great child” spent her entire 12 years in office stealing the Liberian people’s money and flying all around the world collecting fake awards to protect her false image.”

    Did she not display such meaningless disposition when, during her Independence Day Oration, instead of spewing whatever rubbish she had to carry out the ritual as her predecessors, she chose to use the Opposition as scapegoats; thereby contradicting the spirit of her message which simply exposed and proved her to be no other but another closet power-seeking hypocrite masking her obsession for political officialdom within government, behind the hypocrisy and pretense of a saint.

  5. What was meant to be written: IS, NOT ARE!
    A hypocrite, and an ignoramus at that, IS allergic to legitimate actions and decisions!

  6. This is what happens when one writes under a pseudo name: your thoughts and feelings are expressed similarly with the same grammatical flaws. Take note and beware that Liberia is bigger than anyone of the two women and their respective “political leaders.” From my end, ceasefire!!

  7. Posted at 8:32 PM EST on Saturday, September 5, 2020

    Since some persons continue to mention Leymah Gbowee’s alleged display of her buttocks, I think it is fair to remind everyone that George Weah also displayed his buttocks at some point in time.

    I urge readers to visit youtube’s website and type “Roberts Noir – George Weah”.

    A 32-second video will appear showing Weah in a cosmetic commercial dating back to 1996.

    It starts with him spraying cosmetics on his body, followed by his arrival at a restaurant in a black tuxedo. Shortly thereafter, he is shown walking butt naked in the restaurant and later arriving at a table where a woman sits. He takes his seat and his image depicts him again in a tuxedo.

    He speaks Italian — “Tutti bene” and the commercial ends.


    Personally, I am more interested in what Weah, as well as his opposition, has to offer in various policy sectors — Agriculture, Commerce, Communications, Defense, Energy, Environment, Finance, Foreign Affairs, etc.

    The only reason why I raised this is to remind the CDC supporters to focus on criticism of Leymah Gbowee without reference to her nakedness [ I have not confirmed the allegations about her].

    As long as they keep bringing up stuff about Leymah Gbowee being naked, it becomes fair game to remind everyone about Weah’s past as a naked model in a commercial.


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