GC Somersaults on Code of Conduct

Says it can’t subvert any law


After stern resistance from the public, the Governance Commission (GC) has withdrawn recommendations to the Supreme Court and the National Elections Commission (NEC) regarding the suspension of some provisions of the Code of Conduct, stating that GC will not subvert any law in the country.

It may be recalled that the head of the Governance Commission, Dr. Amos Sawyer, recommended that Part V Sections 5.1 and 5.2 of the Code of Conduct “be considered inapplicable” to the 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Cllr. Bornor Varmah, Program Manager of the Governance Commission (GC), said his appearance at the Information Ministry press briefing was to provide clarifications on Dr. Sawyer’s call on the Supreme Court and the NEC to declare certain provisions in the Code of Conduct inapplicable.

He said: “Prior to the court’s decision on the Code of Conduct, and because we were approaching the electoral process and given the mandate to lead the reform process by law, we had to recommend in the absence of the clear position of the law. We decided that these provisions be inapplicable because of the doubts and no defined position on this matter. With the court’s position on March 3, we now stand by the law on the Code of Conduct.

“We have been engaged with the NEC on some of the issues, including logistics, capacity of the magistrates and those who conduct our elections and how prepared they are to conduct elections.

“The GC remains respectful to the role of the Supreme Court, which is very much cardinal, because if there are constitutional matters arising in the process, it is only the Supreme Court that Liberians will run to for solution.”

Cllr. Varmah explained that the commission will not undermine any Liberian law. “We don’t want to see a situation that the court will be taking 10 months to come out with its ruling especially on electoral matters, which may be counterproductive to the stability of the country.”

The GC’s recommendation was part of several made to the Supreme Court of Liberia and the NEC in its 2016 Annual Report released recently on the pending October 2017 elections.

“Thus far, from seeing the elections as a sanitized process, the report considers the elections as building blocks upon which Liberia should advance to another level of inclusive, participatory, transparent and accountable governance, capable of delivering increased public goods and services in partnership with the Liberian people and international partners,” the GC report noted.

In addition to the suspension of Sections 5.1 and 5.2 for the election, the GC had also recommended the declaration of the 10-year residency clause of the Constitution for presidential hopefuls inapplicable.


  1. Shame on the Governance Commission for even entertaining the notion that it can try to circumvent the Constitution and Laws of the country ( the very basis for its own existence).. No statement of apologoes will suffice for such a shameful, bold face abuse of the high respect that has been bestore on the officials of the Governance Commission. Let them embrace the strong criticism for their ill-advised action. Liberia does not need any more babysitters. Let the system be allowed to work and grow.

  2. Bravo!! Dr. Sawyer and members of the GC. Wise man changes and I hope some of our old age political Gurus will also change their unrepentant political strategy of divide and rule. It has never helped Liberia and it will not help Liberia now and in the future.
    Insanity, Insanity, Insanity

  3. This time “Moose” has come to his senses. The old corrupt tricks of the past that he has so long fostered will no longer be accepted by the majority of our people. His backward policies of political accommodation will be rejected whenever he opens his mouth to utter same. We are tired of people who keep fooling our people with suggestions that do not help the country. They brought war on us. They attacked the peace. They also brought strange languages(“A wei tu!!, A manga!) in the name of so called revolution that have in no way benefited our people but instead torn our country apart. Only poverty, theft and graft has overtaken our country under their corrupt rule. Were I “Moose”, I will keep quiet for he has done too many wrongs to our country. He and the founding members of the “ACDL.”

  4. Thank you very much Mr. Victor G. Whern, that is.

    GC (Sawyer) somersaults on Code of Conduct, so what? For heaven’s sake, when did it become a crime to change on the right side of history? Not to mention that since recorded history nations have been considered powerful, or not, through savvy domestic/ external policies, or military might. And one thing great statesmen and brilliant generals have in common is flexibility: knowing when to compromise, or retreat respectively.

  5. Liberians will not run to the Supreme Court because it is part of screwing the people from the elections
    by its endorsement of the Code of Conduct. Why President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf did not do that from
    the beginning of her tenure in 2005/Jan.2006 that now it is elections time she would want bar free
    citizens from running? This is a way of creating serious problem in the country that is struggling to
    maintain the relative peace in the country.

  6. ‘Moose’ or what whatever you are call is nothing less than another criminal in the Liberian political arena. This so-called political criminal has got the law on to himself since the 80s. He failed miserably during his tenured at the revised constitution commission in 1983 / 84 when he could not account for the funds given him by the Liberian govt under the leadership of Msgt. Samuel Tarnue Caligula Bokassa Doe and had to flee the country under the disguise of political witch hunt. He narrowly escaped with the funds given him to a neighboring country only to appear in the USA and again embarked on the reorganization of another military struggle against Msgt Doe junta. Sawyer and his group of failed criminals will not retire from the old age politricking in our dear country. Shame on you Moose’ and a warning to you, retire now or you will forever be remember as the killer of the generation yet unborn in our nations history.

    • You are a bloody pathological liar, “Phillip Moore,” or whoever you may be. Your other specious and harebrained vitriol below aside, be informed and for future reference, that Dr. Sawyer was audited (infact witch-haunted) regarding the Constitution Commission sometime in 1984. If you were born then and of age, you’ll remember that that “witch-haunt” came up futile. The records are there. Also, the Quiwonkpa coup was in 1985. All opposition leaders were hauled at the mansion a day or so following that abortive coup, to answer or explain to Gen. Doe the extent of their knowledge and perceived role in that coup. All the other opposition were insulted and ordered held or confined thereafter with the exception of Dr. Sawyer. He was left go following that “interrogation,” with military escort, if I may add since the situation was still tense. Gen. Doe could have used that opportunity to “get even” with Dr. Sawyer were he perceived by Gen. Doe as you portray him here. Dr. Sawyer would leave Liberia for exile later that year, 1985, yielding to the advice of family, friends and well-meaning others including church leaders. If only some of you useless scoundrels who post these rubbish and under fictitious names at that, were aware of how others in and beyond our continent cherish this Dr. Sawyer and simply because of his intellectual prowess, you would be celebrating him every remaining moment of your freaking life. That much we know. …Carpe diem!

  7. Amos Claudius Sawyer, We are quite aware of your Freetown connections but still accommodated you in the Liberian community. Your inaction led to the massacred of some of our colleagues in the 1984 student demonstration at the University of Liberia and up to date, you are yet to identify with victims of the families of deceased during the turmoil on that faithful august 22nd 1984 on the campus of the University . You claim to be one political prophet with all of the ideas in Liberia. During your days in exile, you connived with Ellen and mislead Comrade Thomas Q. Quwonkpah and brothers in arms to stage a coup that failed miserably and of course you remember the repercussion of the failed coup masterminded by you and Ellen against Sgt Doe and his elephant hunters from the BTC military barrack to the Camp Schelfflein – first infantry battalion barracks , I still remember the late Harry Greaves driving Comrade T Quwonkpah around the ELWA junction whilst you and HB Fahbulleh were still at the Tiennie borders with Sierra Leone planning another coup in the same coup. These hypocritical actions on you and cohorts led to the killing of some seniors commanders of the coup who came through the borders with Thomas Quwonkpah to stag e the coup. You again fled with monster like Joe Wylie, Harry the grand old man Nuahn , HB Fahnbulleh back to Freetown and went to hidings. Sgt Doe and his henchmen got on the rampaged of killing spreed against the innocent Mino and Gio tribal groups and other family members of those names announced by T. Quwonkpah when he initially took over the BTC Barracks. The Late Major John S. Acquoi, one time Superintendent of Lofa County in the early days of the 1980 so-called revolution became an instant victim since his name was among names announced by the coup leader to assume some responsibility of the Military, another victim was Col John Nuahn – the former commander of the 5th Infantry Battalion in Gbarnga who got castrated in the hands of Sgt Doe Elephant hunter one of which is now preaching the gospel in Monrovia call ” Gen Butt Nacked”. Of course the late Capt Younbu Tailey, another elephant hunter in the high forest of Tuzon succeeded in slaughtering most of the captured and accused collaborators of the failed coup in Monrovia and Nimba. For Harry Youahn, the all the time LEC MD, will always be a deadbeat in his own Nimba community since he has chosen to be a follower to Moose , Ellen and the philosophy. He cannot not even stay with his close family members in Buutuo , his born village where the Charles Criminal Taylor started his war on the Liberian people. This is just an insight on the path pf Moose to political power and we want to let him and his likes know including the upcoming generation of the cunning behavior of these criminals for the last 45 years in our nations history. We have solid information of these hustlers maneuvering to this height in Liberian politics. The kid like Bornor who is still trying to build a life fr himself should be warned of these crooks and should not get over carried sawyer and his tactics of politicking. We know these fools individually and their roles that resulted to the loss of the lives of many comrades of our time. A classic example is being experience by Old Man Boakai of the UP who probably has tried to distance himself from such political clique. Once you have sawyer, the C. Wisseh and his bride, Medina Wisseh, Blamo Nelson, John Stewart, Joe Wylie, HB Fahnbulleh, Dew Mason, D Karncalos, James Fromoyan, Mason Goe, and their likes. These are the main trouble makers in our country and have contributed to the nations instability for their personal greed. Shame on you fools!

  8. Sawyer’s INVOLUNTARY sumersault is an indication that the victory of evil or falsehoid is simply temporal, for in time, the truth rears its head

  9. The next INVOLUNTARY SUMERSAULT is to shortly come from that foreigner Jerome George Korkoyah whose falsehood, disrespect, and infidelity, to Another country’s (Liberia) Constitution have been exposed!

  10. It seems these sentiments (make that kneejerk reactions) smack more of vengeance for the messenger in this scenario than any specious or self-serving intent the message could portend. And essentially because Dr. Sawyer personally stands to gain nothing from the implementation of this COC or not, save the predictable tumultuous fallout from implementing it which may rock the entire country (God forbid) to its foundation once gain, an unwholesome possibility he’s trying to avert with this proposal. One can envisage Dr. Sawyer and think-alike shaking their heads and saying in retrospect, “we told you so,” were adamancy to prevail in this case over the greater good. When you consider the fact that the deferment of this proviso poses no specific risk or threat to any particular candidate in the race, it further attest to the altruism of the proponent. After all, this is a brand new law, never used before in Liberia. So deferring it for now and essentially in the interest of peace in Liberia, should weigh against the unnecessary brouhaha and commotion its implementation will obviously generate. Sadly, many of those climbing on rooftops calling for “No compromise!” on this proposal, will be thousands of miles away from the vortex of any fallout from this scenario. One wish we were all “on the ground,” and putting our mouths or is it computer keyboards? where they matter most. For heaven’s sake, laws are made for societies, not societies for laws. Reason why laws are constantly amended, modified, altered, reworded, or even suspended in some cases, etc., etc., in order to adapt them to changing circumstances or needs. Living documents in other words not edged in stone. …Carpe diem!

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