Gbolokai-Ta Chairlady Appeals for Gov’t Help


The chairlady of Gbolokai-Ta, Fatta Lerpolu, is appealing to government to come to the aid of her town following the deaths of 35 people from the Ebola virus which hit the area recently.

Lerpolu told the Daily Observer reporter who visited the area last Friday that the Ebola outbreak has created serious problems for the community, including bringing farming to a standstill for this year.

“Many of us have been forced to abandon this year’s farming activities because of the high death rate in our town, which has led to a food crisis in the area”, she lamented, adding that government needs to step in and help the women.

The chairlady said her residents were also facing serious problems in getting treatment from the nearby health center since the virus took the lives of so many from the town. “Other people have begun stigmatizing us as the Ebola area.”

“We and our children need a doctor and help with getting medicines.

Totota, the major town near Gbolokai-Ta, was helping them, but since the Ebola outbreak, patients from her town are being rejected, she said.

She also called on the government and its partners to help build schools in the area in order to reduce the walking distance for the children.   “Ebola has taken away some of those who used to accompany our children to school in the nearby town,” said Lerpolu.

“We will not just be affected by food shortages after Ebola, but many of the children might not return to school. Some of them were carried by people who have died of this deadly virus and the lack of a school in our town will be a serious problem,” said Lerpolu.

When asked what caused the high Ebola death rate in the area, Chairlady Lerpolu said it was due to lack of information about the virus and measures to prevent it.


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