Gbi-Doru Residents Hail ICC, Forest Venture

ICC staff in photo with Gbi and Doru women shortly after the honoring ceremoies.

Residents of the small settlement of Gbi and Doru Administrative District in Nimba County have commended International Consultant Capital (ICC) and Forest Venture, both logging companies for undertaking numerous development initiatives in the district

At an honoring and dedicatory ceremonies of the two entities held in the district on March 2, 2019, residents said the coming of ICC and Forest Venture have made the district more accessible to other parts of the district.

District Development Chairman John Clark, praised the logging firms for being honest with the citizens by remaining committed to the promised their representatives made as part of the social responsibility to the district.

Clark called on the citizens to stop any form of strike action, but to seek peaceful approach to pave the way for development packages, saying, “these companies are doing their best, and if we want more from them, we should seek peaceful means to any obstacles in their respective operations.”

Chief Elder Karndaiyee, and other chiefs, gowned executives of the companies for the level of developments they are carrying on in the district, something the Chief Elder said no other company has done some from time in memorial.

He said that most of the companies that have done logging in the district in the past, did not do any development, thereby leaving the area vulnerable, adding, “they tookaway whatsoever they wanted, thus  leaving us with no school, no road and even a clinic.”

“When ICC started operating her, they promised to connect our roads, build schools and clinic, but in the end, nothing happened,” said Stephen K. Zarkarwhea, spokesperson for the elders

The ICC and Forest Venture have rehabilitated some of the roads, connecting the district with River Gee and Grand Bassa counties.

The citizens also appealed to the company to provide at least an ambulance or vehicle that will speedily transfer emergency cases to the Jackson F. Fiah Doe Referral Hospital, which is about 100 km away from the district.

“We thank the company for the level of works ongoing, but please ensure that this part of the county is connected for our people to reach the markets with their goods and services,” said Jerry Topoe, Administrative District Commissioner, Gbi and Doru.

Currently, ICC constructed and dedicated a modern school building in Tiah Town, and at same time, constructing a nine bedroom guest house in Glen Town.

McDonald Wento, ICC Chief Executive officer and his entourage, including the general manager, Cesare Colombo, the Community Relations officer, William Nyesweh, and other managers from Forest Venture were gowned for being committed to promises the previously made to the citizens.

Mr. Wento, who was given a leopard tooth by the chiefs for his company’s development initiatives in district, applauded the residents for the honors. He called on the citizens to cooperate with the management to achieve their quest for developments.

“We all have to work together to bring development in this district,” he said.

Mr. Colombo has outlined some achievements since they started logging in the country.

Among the achievements, according to Colombo, are the rehabilitation of about 135km roads, built three guest houses, and completed two clinics in Nimba, Grand Gedeh and River Cess counties, respectively.

“We spent US$18, 000 every year for scholarship to students from the three counties,” he said.

“We have constructed over 26 wells and hand pumps in the three counties, and also carried on regular maintenance in two years’ period,” he said.

Gobi and Doru is one of the remotest districts in Nimba County, located at the southern part sharing boundaries with Grand Bassa, River Cess, Grand Gedeh and even Sinoe counties.

There are 26 communities within the district, but many of them are 40 – 60 kilometers apart. They share a single clinic situated in Glann Town, making it very difficult for patients to access the facility.


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