Gbedin WFP Donated Rice Mill Down for Lack of Spares

The out-of-order rice processing machine.

Farmer says they were not put in contact with manufacturer to order spare parts

The rice mill machine donated to the Dokodan Farmers Cooperative of Gbedin in Nimba County has reportedly broken down two years after installation and remains in disrepair due to the lack of spare parts.

The multi-purpose rice mill was used by the farmers to mill and bag rice in 25 kg bags for sale. However, it suddenly broke down and, to everyone’s surprise, attributed to apparent careless handling of the machine.

At the recent handing over of tractors to the cooperative on January 12, Nimba County Agriculture Coordinator Samuel Keahleay praised the partners for their good working relationship, but cautioned the farmers to handle the tractors carefully.

He said the farmers should use the tractors with care to ensure that they remain serviceable for a long time, calling on them to do the same for any equipment that will be donated in the future.

“You were given a rice processing machine, power tiller, but they are yet to be seen,” he said.

However, the chairman of the cooperative, Jefferson Tokpa, has denied misusing the rice mill. He claimed the rice mill did not come with any spare parts; and as a result, whenever there was a breakdown, they did not have any means of repairing the mill.

“We do not have means of getting the spare parts and those who brought it, did not connect us to the manufacturer,” he said.


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