GBCC Wants President Weah Appoint New Head


By Jefferson Tenge

Grand Bassa County Community College (GBCCC) faculty has appealed to President George Weah to appoint a new president for the college.

Solomon A. Kollie, GBCCC’s Acting vice president of the Faculty Association, said the request is necessary, “because Dr. Samuel Reeves, the Acting president, has been in the position for the past six months.”

He said during a Truth FM Talk Show yesterday morning that, for one to remain in a position for more than six months is unpleasant for an institution which was established by an Act of the legislature in 2008, to provide vocational and technical training for students in Grand Bassa County, and yet be perpetually under the control of an acting president.

Mr. Kollie said the college has submitted the names of Dr. Reeves, Dr. Sanna Gbowell and Dr. Zechariah Gaye to the office of President Weah, to appoint one of them to serve as president for the college, which will develop a sustainable learning atmosphere.

“GBCC has been experiencing this problem for time indefinite, so we the faculty members are feeling uncomfortable operating under an acting leadership of a renowned institution like the GBCC. It does not augur well for a college that is putting out graduates at all times for the job market not to have a president,” Kollie said.


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