GBCC to Become Liberia’s IT Hub

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The president of Grand Bassa Community College (GBCC), Dr. Levi Zangai, has promised to make the institution an information technology (IT) hub and a center of excellence in the not too distant future.

Dr. Zangai said although the GBCC will not be equal to Silicon Valley, the technology hub of the United States or probably the world, the GBCC’s department of technology is gaining momentum to become the center of excellence in technology in the country. The GBCC president, who is a veteran educator and administrator and former president of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), is making efforts to fulfill President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s wish to see GBCC become a technological center of attraction. Dr. Zangai accepted the mandate and is doing all he can to ensure that the dream comes to fruition.

During a tour of GBCC’s new campus, Dr. Zangai said in order to ensure that this dream is realized, the GBCC is seeking partnerships with reputable IT schools and organizations.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has already been signed with Starz College of Technology to set up a state-of-the-art IT facility on the GBCC campus and the establishment of other training programs.

Starz is one of Liberia’s renowned IT schools. Zangai said the MOU with the college is just the beginning of more to come for GBCC.

“We want to make this place a center of excellence for IT and we will do all we can to ensure that this comes to pass,” Dr. Zangai said.

He has therefore called on diplomatic missions in the country to “buttress that effort.”

He also dreams of establishing a vibrant computer lab on the campus that will service the entire Grand Bassa County. “We want to get all of the assistance that we need to make this a place of learning for our students,” he said.

The GBCC is now relocating from the Bassa High School campus, where it has been before it was relocated to the 250 acre new campus in Paynesberry across the Benson River, where a modern school is on the verge of completion. The location is an ideal learning environment with its serenity and beautiful surroundings.

“We are very happy to be relocating because the new place is a very good learning environment for our students. The surroundings and the freshness of air here are just a few of the things that make this place to be truly a campus,” Dr. Zangai said.

“We want to be grateful to the Liberian government, especially President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, for encouraging and supporting us throughout; the superintendent, who just arrived, but has been very instrumental in getting us here and the county legislative caucus for their support.”

Although a bus was recently donated to the college, Dr. Zangai said it is inadequate to take all of the students to campus on time. He has therefore appealed to the public, especially well meaning citizens of the county, as well as President Sirleaf, for additional buses to enable students and faculty to get to classes and work on time.

The United States government through USAID Food and Enterprise Development (USAID/FED) has built a soil laboratory on the GBCC campus. According to Dr. Zangai the modern soil science lab will enhance the studies of agriculture students.

“We want to thank the American people for this gift which we will forever appreciate,” he told reporters during the tour.

After touring the facilities, the Superintendent, J. Levi Demah, said GBCC stands to be one of the best community colleges in the country as a result of the facilities that are coming to the college and the instructional staff that the school has.

He said the county is now on the right trajectory for development. “We want to ensure that this county becomes second to none. This government is doing all it can to ensure that it leaves tangible legacies in Grand Bassa,” Supt. Demah said.

The Presidential Press Secretary, Jerolinmek Piah, who was recently appointed to GBCC’s Board of Directors, and the Director for Public Affairs at the Ministry of State, Ekina Wesley, joined reporters on the tour of the facilities.


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