‘Gbarpolu Sealed for Boakai’

Gbarpolu County is sealed for Vice President Joseph Boakai

Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s journey to the Liberian presidency continues to receive major boosts through numerous endorsements. But, the biggest of all so far from the northwestern part of Liberia was sealed for the Unity Party (UP) candidate by the people of Gbarpolu.

Citizens from all walks of life in Gbarpolu County gathered in their numbers in the capital city, Bopolu, over the weekend to pledge their overwhelming support to the Vice President with a call for no run¬offs, as they will galvanize to ensure that he wins during the first round of voting.

Senate Pro Tempore Armah Zulu Jallah and the County Legislative Caucus, along with top traditional leaders of the county, told the VP that there is no need to panic as the county has been sealed for him and the Unity Party.

“We believe in your wisdom and we also believe in tradition; and above all, you are the most qualified candidate who deserves the support for the leadership of our country. As a result, history will judge us wrongly if we don’t ensure that you lead us through this crucial period of our country’s history,” he said.

Reading the endorsement statement, Samuel Sorpor, the secretary for the endorsement committee, said VP Boakai is their choice because of his competence, experience, honesty and patriotism in serving his country.

“We the people of Gbarpolu feel that this is the rightful time for Joseph Boakai to take the mantle of leadership of this country. This is a man who has and continues to serve his country with distinction and honesty. As such, we are ready to do all we can to ensure that he comes out victorious at the polls in October,” he said.

“We are endorsing him because of his qualification and the cultural and traditional ties between him and the people of Gbarpolu. You are our traditional uncle, and we as citizens of this county who believe in tradition will present you as the President of this country in October.

“We have accepted you and absolutely nobody can stand against you. This county has been wrapped and sealed for you and will be delivered to you at the appropriate time in October. We want you to be assured that no one else will be accepted here after you.”

Sorpor also told his compatriots and the hierarchy of the UP that there is more work to be done to ensure that the VP wins the election during the first round. “We don’t want this thing to go to the second round. Let us do all of the work we have to do to ensure that our candidate wins the first round,” he said.


We will support him to the end,” Citizens of Gbarpolu chanted over the weekend.

This huge support from the citizens of Gbarpolu comes just days after 31 members of the House of Representatives and 19 from the Liberian Senate endorsed the candidacy of VP Boakai.

Accepting the endorsement, Vice President Boakai lauded the citizens’ decision to endorse him for the 2017 presidential election.

He called on them and all of his supporters across the country to hold together and work hard to ensure that the election turns out to be a first round victory for the UP.

“If we continue to hold together we could do this nation a favor by closing these elections in just one round. I venture to foresee the possibility of delivering our deafening, unequivocal and final verdict, come October 10, 2017,” he said.

He explained that the significance of a first round victory would save the country the cost of a second round.


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