Gbarnga Again!


    It was Gbarnga, sometime, some long, long, time ago

    The city was excited, dust rising to the skies

    Troops of people, cars, all in one queue, heading for Gbarnga

    With their echoes of voices penetrating the usually deafened silence of a quiet, calm city

     One purpose, one people, one mission to adopt a constitution


    This cold crystal city, a cradle of hope watched helplessly as gunshots pierced its wonderful skin

    All heads were broken loose in 1994

    Gbarnga came crumbling- oups the fall of Gbarnga!

    Will Gbarnga rise again? Wondered an elder mesmerized by its days of glory

    Indeed, maybe someday, even today, Gbarnga is smiling

    On the road from Malekie to Totota, Zeanzue to Gbondoi

    Cars are descending on Gbarnga this time, this time, not to shoot

    They were sitting, afar on a hill, smiling at the future

    In Gbarnga again!


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