Gayemen Calls Liberians at Home and Abroad To Support the Incoming Government

Onesimus G. S. Gayemen, the International President and Founder of the Movement to establish Peace, Justice and Unity in Liberia, Inc. (MEPJUL).

Onesimus G. S. Gayemen, the International President and Founder of the Movement to establish Peace, Justice and Unity in Liberia, Inc. (MEPJUL), has called on Liberians both at home and abroad to work with the new government for the betterment of the country.

Gayemen called on all Liberians including defeated presidential candidates in the just ended elections to whom the President-elect has already extended the right hand of fellowship to rally around him to move the country forward and to lofty heights.

In a dispatch from the United States of America, Gayemen said “While it is true that the election of  George Weah to this noble office comes as a surprise to millions of people at home and abroad, simply because of his career background, a lot of Liberians over the past years saw in this young man three characteristics that make an individual to be a successful leader, that is peace, patriotism and preservation.”

According to Gayemen, a veteran journalist, Weah from time to time has been involved in the promotion of peace and tolerance among his peers and other people.

He indicated that Weah has always demonstrated a high degree of love for Liberia and Liberians; a patriotic spirit that on many occasions moved him to personally spend thousands on Liberian refugees and the national soccer team, Lone Star.

The MEPJUL chief executive asserted that considering Weah’s background and his successes on the national and global scenes, a persevering spirit, amid numerous challenges, has been the secret behind his many milestones.

It can be recalled during the height of the Liberian civil war that Gayemen, then a potential independent presidential candidate, was actively involved in the distribution of assorted food items and medical supplies at various displaced camps in Liberia through his humanitarian organization, the Movement to Establish Peace, Justice and Unity in Liberia (MEPJUL), something that immensely impacted the lives of thousands of Liberia and other nationalities.

Gayemen, who is also the president of AIMCOMA, a continental body of Africans in the United States, concluded by applauding all Liberians, international observers and authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) for the conclusion of a peaceful, transparent, free and fair election process, thus ensuring a peaceful transfer of power from one democratically elected government to another, which has not happened in over 70 years.


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