Garbage Overtakes Monrovia…Again

Clogged Drainages 1.jpg

Monrovia and its immediate environs don’t seem to be able to escape the unhygienic situation of piles of refuse stacking up in several parts of the city.

The densely populated communities of Soniewein, Buzzy Quarter and West Point are areas that have become seriously affected by this sanitation problem.

Many drainages throughout the city have become clogged with residue from trash that has been carelessly disposed of by residents and business people at some of Monrovia’s most populated markets; creating concerns over the sanitation of food sold in these areas.

Areas outside of Monrovia such as the Duala, Paynesville and Brewerville communities have become affected by the problem of sanitation collection and disposal as well.

With the Rainy Season just around the corner, residents of Monrovia are calling for sustainable mechanisms to be put in place for the consistent collection and disposal of the city’s waste.

This poses a challenge for the newly installed leadership of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC).

Many of Monrovia’s residents have underscored the urgent need for the new MCC leadership to follow in the footsteps of former Monrovia Mayor “General” Mary T. Broh.

Ms. Broh developed a reputation for having a “zero-tolerance” policy when it came to keeping Monrovia clean.

In spite of the enormous challenges faced at the time by the MCC, Madam Broh and her team ensured that the mountains of garbage around the capital were removed and dumped at the established disposal centers.

In the wake of Mary Broh’s success and the city seemingly going “back to square one” after she left, many of Monrovia’s residents are left wondering if the new city mayor and team are up to the task of keeping the city clean.

In comments obtained Wednesday, April 16, from petty traders and residents, they pointed out that though their grievances have constantly been expressed to the relevant agencies of the Liberian Government, the garbage piles never seem to go away.

“We are fed up with sounding appeals to the MCC and their support partners about the constant challenges we encounter from daily contact with squalor and filth,” resident Morgan Spencer Sando said angrily.

For her part, Martha Karmo, a Rally Time Marketer on United Nations Drive, pointed out that their complaints continue to fall on deaf ears.

She said the relevant agencies charged with the responsibility to keep Monrovia and its environs clean and hygienic simply were not doing their job.

“I refuse to appeal to the MCC’s leadership anymore. I feel like it would only be wasting water on the duck’s back. Our leaders will only sweep our complaints under the table,” Madam Karmo asserted.

Used zinc dealer Moses B. Woods noted that he and his fellow petty traders at Johnson Street’s commercial center have become vulnerable to numerous water and air borne diseases owing to poor sanitary conditions at the Rally Time Market.

He explained that the ever-growing mounds of refuse have spent nearly three weeks at the market. He complained over the MCC’s Sanitation and Environmental Department’s apparent refusal to take any genuine steps to remedy the unhygienic situation being faced at the market.


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